Jianyang Wu
Jianyang Wu
Physics Department, Xiamen University
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Predicting mechanical response of crosslinked epoxy using ReaxFF
GM Odegard, BD Jensen, S Gowtham, J Wu, J He, Z Zhang
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Role of five-fold twin boundary on the enhanced mechanical properties of fcc Fe nanowires
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J Wu, F Ning, TT Trinh, S Kjelstrup, TJH Vlugt, J He, BH Skallerud, ...
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J Wu, J He, O Torsæter, Z Zhang
SPE international oilfield nanotechnology conference and exhibition, 2012
Mechanical characteristics of individual multi-layer graphene-oxide sheets under direct tensile loading
C Wang, Q Peng, J Wu, X He, L Tong, Q Luo, J Li, S Moody, H Liu, ...
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Self-Deicing Electrolyte Hydrogel Surfaces with Pa-level Ice Adhesion and Durable Antifreezing/Antifrost Performance
T Li, PF Ibáñez-Ibáñez, V Håkonsen, J Wu, K Xu, Y Zhuo, S Luo, J He, ...
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Mechanical properties of methane hydrate: Intrinsic differences from ice
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Carbon 133, 335-349, 2018
Fracture and negative Poisson’s ratio of novel spanned-fullerenes nanotube networks under tension
JY Wu, JY He, ZL Zhang
Computational materials science 80, 15-26, 2013
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