Athanasia Symeonidou
Athanasia Symeonidou
XR Developer & Research scientist | Doctor of Engineering
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Signal processing challenges for digital holographic video display systems
D Blinder, A Ahar, S Bettens, T Birnbaum, A Symeonidou, H Ottevaere, ...
Signal Processing: Image Communication 70, 114-130, 2019
Computer-generated holograms by multiple wavefront recording plane method with occlusion culling
A Symeonidou, D Blinder, A Munteanu, P Schelkens
Optics Express 23 (17), 22149-22161, 2015
Open Access Database for Experimental Validations of Holographic Compression Engines
D Blinder, A Ahar, A Symeonidou, Y Xing, T Bruylants, C Schretter, ...
QoMEX 2015: 7th International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience, 2015
Colour computer-generated holography for point clouds utilizing the Phong illumination model
A Symeonidou, D Blinder, P Schelkens
Optics express 26 (8), 10282-10298, 2018
Speckle noise reduction for computer generated holograms of objects with diffuse surfaces
A Symeonidou, D Blinder, A Ahar, C Schretter, A Munteanu, P Schelkens
Optics, Photonics and Digital Technologies for Imaging Applications IV 9896 …, 2016
Three-dimensional rendering of computer-generated holograms acquired from point-clouds on light field displays
A Symeonidou, D Blinder, B Ceulemans, A Munteanu, P Schelkens
Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXIX 9971, 99710S, 2016
Suitability analysis of holographic vs light field and 2D displays for subjective quality assessment of Fourier holograms
A Ahar, M Chlipala, T Birnbaum, W Zaperty, A Symeonidou, T Kozacki, ...
Optics Express 28 (24), 37069-37091, 2020
A novel microstrip antenna array with metamaterial-based electronic beam steering at 2.4 GHz
A Symeonidou, K Siakavara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 38, 27-42, 2013
Exact global motion compensation for holographic video compression
RK Muhamad, D Blinder, A Symeonidou, T Birnbaum, O Watanabe, ...
Applied Optics 58 (34), G204-G217, 2019
Performance evaluation of sparseness significance ranking measure (SSRM) on holographic content
A Ahar, T Birnbaum, D Blinder, A Symeonidou, P Schelkens
Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis, JTu4A. 10, 2018
Source coding of holographic data: challenges, algorithms and standardization efforts
P Schelkens, D Blinder, T Birnbaum, A Symeonidou, A Ahar, C Schretter
Speckle 2018: VII International Conference on Speckle Metrology 10834, 108340Y, 2018
Efficient holographic video generation based on rotational transformation of wavefields
A Symeonidou, RM Kizhakkumkara, T Birnbaum, P Schelkens
Optics Express 27 (26), 37383-37399, 2019
Object-based digital hologram segmentation and motion compensation
T Birnbaum, D Blinder, RK Muhamad, C Schretter, A Symeonidou, ...
Optics Express 28 (8), 11861-11882, 2020
Exact compensation of rotational motion for holographic video compression
RK Muhamad, A Symeonidou, D Blinder, T Birnbaum, C Schretter, ...
Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, Tu4A. 2, 2019
Novel assessment tool for unilateral spatial neglect using virtual reality and eye-tracking
L Sabbe, A Symeonidou, J Demanet, S Vandemaele
WFOT Congress 2022, 2022
Stress and flow assessment during a virtual reality fire extinguishing training
C Larmuseau, A Symeonidou, L De Leersnijder, J Demanet
iLRN Annual Conference, 2022
Smart immersive occupational performance assessment tool
A Symeonidou, S Van de Walle, S Vandemaele, L Sabbe, J Demanet
VR4Rehab Congress, 2022
Efficient algorithms for high-quality computer-generated holography
A Symeonidou
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 2019
Occlusion culling techniques for layer-based computer-generated holography
A Symeonidou, P Schelkens
Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging, DTu5F. 3, 2018
INTERFERE Holography Dataset
A Symeonidou, D Blinder, P Schelkens
ISO/IEC, 2018
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