Emily Warren
Emily Warren
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Solar water splitting cells
MG Walter, EL Warren, JR McKone, SW Boettcher, Q Mi, EA Santori, ...
Chemical reviews 110 (11), 6446-6473, 2010
Enhanced absorption and carrier collection in Si wire arrays for photovoltaic applications
MD Kelzenberg, SW Boettcher, JA Petykiewicz, DB Turner-Evans, ...
Nature materials 9 (3), 239-244, 2010
Photoelectrochemical hydrogen evolution using Si microwire arrays
SW Boettcher, EL Warren, MC Putnam, EA Santori, D Turner-Evans, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (5), 1216-1219, 2011
Energy-conversion properties of vapor-liquid-solid–grown silicon wire-array photocathodes
SW Boettcher, JM Spurgeon, MC Putnam, EL Warren, DB Turner-Evans, ...
Science 327 (5962), 185-187, 2010
Evaluation of Pt, Ni, and Ni–Mo Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution on Crystalline Si Electrodes
JR McKone, EL Warren, MJ Bierman, SW Boettcher, BS Brunschwig, ...
Si microwire-array solar cells
MC Putnam, SW Boettcher, MD Kelzenberg, DB Turner-Evans, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (8), 1037-1041, 2010
Hydrogen-evolution characteristics of Ni–Mo-coated, radial junction, n+ p-silicon microwire array photocathodes
EL Warren, JR McKone, HA Atwater, HB Gray, NS Lewis
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (11), 9653-9661, 2012
Terawatt-scale photovoltaics: Transform global energy
NM Haegel, H Atwater, T Barnes, C Breyer, A Burrell, YM Chiang, ...
Science 364 (6443), 836-838, 2019
Silicon microwire arrays for solar energy-conversion applications
EL Warren, HA Atwater, NS Lewis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (2), 747-759, 2014
Ray optical light trapping in silicon microwires: exceeding the 2n2 intensity limit
ED Kosten, EL Warren, HA Atwater
Optics Express 19 (4), 3316-3331, 2011
pH-Independent, 520 mV Open-Circuit Voltages of Si/Methyl Viologen2+/+ Contacts Through Use of Radial n+p-Si Junction Microwire Array Photoelectrodes
EL Warren, SW Boettcher, MG Walter, HA Atwater, NS Lewis
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (2), 594-598, 2011
Growth of antiphase-domain-free GaP on Si substrates by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition using an in situ AsH3 surface preparation
EL Warren, AE Kibbler, RM France, AG Norman, P Stradins, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (8), 082109, 2015
Correction to solar water splitting cells
MG Walter, EL Warren, JR McKone, SW Boettcher, Q Mi, EA Santori, ...
Chemical Reviews 111 (9), 5815-5815, 2011
A high-temperature, high-efficiency solar thermoelectric generator prototype
ML Olsen, EL Warren, PA Parilla, ES Toberer, CE Kennedy, GJ Snyder, ...
Energy Procedia 49, 1460-1469, 2014
Solar energy conversion properties and defect physics of ZnSiP 2
AD Martinez, EL Warren, P Gorai, KA Borup, D Kuciauskas, PC Dippo, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 9 (3), 1031-1041, 2016
Maximizing tandem solar cell power extraction using a three-terminal design
EL Warren, MG Deceglie, M Rienäcker, R Peibst, AC Tamboli, P Stradins
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2 (6), 1141-1147, 2018
High-temperature high-efficiency solar thermoelectric generators
LL Baranowski, EL Warren, ES Toberer
Journal of electronic materials 43 (6), 2348-2355, 2014
Passivated tunneling contacts to n-type wafer silicon and their implementation into high performance solar cells
P Stradins, S Essig, W Nemeth, BG Lee, D Young, A Norman, Y Liu, ...
National Renewable Energy Lab.(NREL), Golden, CO (United States), 2014
Unassisted solar-driven photoelectrosynthetic HI splitting using membrane-embedded Si microwire arrays
S Ardo, SH Park, EL Warren, NS Lewis
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (5), 1484-1492, 2015
Nature Mater. 9, 239 (2010)
MD Kelzenberg, SW Boettcher, JA Petykiewicz, DB Turner-Evans, ...
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