Theresa Dicke
Theresa Dicke
Institute for Positive Psuchology and Education, Australian Catholic University
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Self-efficacy in classroom management, classroom disturbances, and emotional exhaustion: A moderated mediation analysis of teacher candidates.
T Dicke, PD Parker, HW Marsh, M Kunter, A Schmeck, D Leutner
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Reducing reality shock: The effects of classroom management skills training on beginning teachers
T Dicke, J Elling, A Schmeck, D Leutner
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The murky distinction between self-concept and self-efficacy: Beware of lurking jingle-jangle fallacies.
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Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM), and set-ESEM: Optimal balance between goodness of fit and parsimony
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Beginning teachers' efficacy and emotional exhaustion: Latent changes, reciprocity, and the influence of professional knowledge
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What to do when scalar invariance fails: The extended alignment method for multi-group factor analysis comparison of latent means across many groups.
HW Marsh, J Guo, PD Parker, B Nagengast, T Asparouhov, B Muthén, ...
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Job satisfaction of teachers and their principals in relation to climate and student achievement.
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Extending expectancy-value theory predictions of achievement and aspirations in science: Dimensional comparison processes and expectancy-by-value interactions
J Guo, HW Marsh, PD Parker, AJS Morin, T Dicke
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A classification system for teachers’ motivational behaviors recommended in self-determination theory interventions.
A Ahmadi, M Noetel, P Parker, RM Ryan, N Ntoumanis, J Reeve, ...
Journal of Educational Psychology, 2023
Effects of physical activity on the physical and psychosocial health of youth with intellectual disabilities: A systematic review and meta-analysis
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Welche bildungswissenschaftlichen Inhalte sind wichtig in der Lehrerbildung?
O Kunina-Habenicht, H Lohse-Bossenz, M Kunter, T Dicke, D Förster, ...
Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft 4 (15), 649-682, 2012
Effects of school-average achievement on individual self-concept and achievement: Unmasking phantom effects masquerading as true compositional effects.
T Dicke, HW Marsh, PD Parker, R Pekrun, J Guo, I Televantou
Journal of Educational Psychology 110 (8), 1112, 2018
" Doppelter Praxisschock" auf dem Weg ins Lehramt?
T Dicke
Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht 63 (4), 244-257, 2016
Validating the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ-II) using set-ESEM: Identifying psychosocial risk factors in a sample of school principals
T Dicke, HW Marsh, P Riley, PD Parker, J Guo, M Horwood
Frontiers in psychology 9, 584, 2018
Bildungswissenschaftliches Wissen und professionelle Kompetenz in der Lehramtsausbildung: Ergebnisse des Projekts BilWiss
M Kunter, O Kunina-Habenicht, J Baumert, T Dicke, D Holzberger, ...
Entwicklung von Professionalität pädagogischen Personals: Interdisziplinäre …, 2017
Cross-cultural generalizability of social and dimensional comparison effects on reading, math, and science self-concepts for primary school students using the combined PIRLS …
J Guo, HW Marsh, PD Parker, T Dicke
Learning and Instruction 58, 210-219, 2018
Pädagogisch-psychologisches Professionswissen von Lehrkräften: Evaluation des ProwiN-Tests
G Lenske, H Thillmann, J Wirth, T Dicke, D Leutner
Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft 18 (2), 225-245, 2015
Long-term positive effects of repeating a year in school: Six-year longitudinal study of self-beliefs, anxiety, social relations, school grades, and test scores.
HW Marsh, R Pekrun, PD Parker, K Murayama, J Guo, T Dicke, ...
Journal of Educational Psychology 109 (3), 425, 2017
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