Tero Luukkonen
Tero Luukkonen
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Oulu, Fibre and Particle Engineering
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One-part alkali-activated materials: A review
T Luukkonen, Z Abdollahnejad, J Yliniemi, P Kinnunen, M Illikainen
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T Luukkonen, H Runtti, M Niskanen, ET Tolonen, M Sarkkinen, ...
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T Luukkonen, H Sreenivasan, Z Abdollahnejad, J Yliniemi, A Kantola, ...
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T Luukkonen, K Věžníková, ET Tolonen, H Runtti, J Yliniemi, T Hu, ...
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Suitability of commercial superplasticizers for one-part alkali-activated blast-furnace slag mortar
T Luukkonen, Z Abdollahnejad, K Ohenoja, P Kinnunen, M Illikainen
Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials 8 (4), 244-257, 2019
Opportunities to improve sustainability of alkali-activated materials: A review of side-stream based activators
E Adesanya, P Perumal, T Luukkonen, J Yliniemi, K Ohenoja, P Kinnunen, ...
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Durability of the Reinforced One-Part Alkali-Activated Slag Mortars with Different Fibers
Z Abdollahnejad, M Mastali, M Falah, KM Shaad, T Luukkonen, ...
Waste and Biomass Valorization 12, 487-501, 2021
Adsorption behaviour and interaction of organic micropollutants with nano and microplastics–A review
Y Yu, WY Mo, T Luukkonen
Science of the Total Environment 797, 149140, 2021
Development of One-Part Alkali-Activated Ceramic/Slag Binders Containing Recycled Ceramic Aggregates
Z Abdollahnejad, T Luukkonen, M Mastali, P Kinnunen, M Illikainen
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Optimization of the metakaolin geopolymer preparation for maximized ammonium adsorption capacity
T Luukkonen, ET Tolonen, H Runtti, K Kemppainen, P Perämäki, J Rämö, ...
Journal of Materials Science 52 (16), 1-14, 2017
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