Will Venters
Will Venters
Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
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A critical review of cloud computing: researching desires and realities
W Venters, EA Whitley
Journal of Information Technology 27 (3), 179-197, 2012
Reflexive evaluation of an academic–industry research collaboration: can mode 2 management research be achieved?
N Mitev, W Venters
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Collective agility, paradox and organizational improvisation: the development of a particle physics grid
Y Zheng, W Venters, T Cornford
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A Trichordal Temporal Approach to Digital Coordination
W Venters, E Oborn, M Barrett
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Moving to the Cloud Corporation: How to face the challenges and harness the potential of cloud computing
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Cloud sourcing and innovation: slow train coming?
LP Willcocks, W Venters, EA Whitley
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Degenerative structures that inhibit the emergence of communities of practice: a case study of knowledge management in the British Council
W Venters, B Wood
Information systems journal 17 (4), 349-368, 2007
Appraising the impact and role of platform models and Government as a Platform (GaaP) in UK Government public service reform: Towards a Platform Assessment Framework (PAF)
A Brown, J Fishenden, M Thompson, W Venters
Government Information Quarterly 34 (2), 167-182, 2017
Knowledge management technology-in-practice: a social constructionist analysis of the introduction and use of knowledge management systems
W Venters
Knowledge Management Research & Practice 8 (2), 161-172, 2010
Understanding sustainability as knowledge practice
M Cushman, W Venters, T Cornford, NN Mitev
Creating knowledge for sustainability: using SSM for describing knowledge environments and conceptualising technological interventions
W Venters, M Cushman, T Cornford
Organisational Knowledge Learning and Competencies Conference, 2002
Knowledge about sustainability: SSM as a method for conceptualising the UK construction industry’s knowledge environment
W Venters, T Cornford, M Cushman
Journal of Computing and Information Technology 13 (2), 137-148, 2004
Privacy and security in the cloud: A review of guidance and responses
EA Whitley, LP Willcocks, W Venters
Journal of International Technology and Information Management Volume 22 (3), 2013
Collaborative yet independent: Information practices in the physical sciences
ET Meyer, ME Bulger, A Kyriakidou-Zacharoudiou, L Power, P Williams, ...
Research Information Network (RIN) Report Series, IOP Publishing, 2011
The role of intermediaries in designing information infrastructures in strategic niches: The case of a sustainable mobility infrastructure experiment in Berlin
A Khanna, W Venters
The fungibility of time in claims of efficiency: the case of making transmission of prescriptions electronic in English general practice
V Lichtner, W Venters, R Hibberd, T Cornford, N Barber
International journal of medical informatics 82 (12), 1152-1170, 2013
Literature review for C-Sand: knowledge management
W Venters
C-SanD, 2001
Introducing pegasus: An ethnographic research project studying the use of grid technologies by the uk particle physics community
W Venters, T Cornford
The Practice of e-Science and e-Social Science
S Scott, W Venters
Virtuality and Virtualization, 267-279, 2007
The use of technology within knowledge management: a review
W Venters
Journal of intelligent systems 15 (1-4), 329-356, 2006
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