Ahmed Farooq
Ahmed Farooq
Tampere University
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Human augmentation: Past, present and future
R Raisamo, I Rakkolainen, P Majaranta, K Salminen, J Rantala, A Farooq
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 131, 131-143, 2019
Delivering directional haptic cues through eyeglasses and a seat
T Nukarinen, J Rantala, A Farooq, R Raisamo
2015 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), 345-350, 2015
Responses to visual, tactile and visual–tactile forward collision warnings while gaze on and off the road
J Lylykangas, V Surakka, K Salminen, A Farooq, R Raisamo
Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour 40, 68-77, 2016
Haptic stylus
G Evreinov, A Farooq, R Raisamo, A Hippula, D Takahata, K Ikehama, ...
US Patent 10,133,370, 2018
Haptic device
G Evreinov, A Farooq, R Raisamo, A Hippula, D Takahata
US Patent 9,789,896, 2017
Technologies for multimodal interaction in extended reality—a scoping review
I Rakkolainen, A Farooq, J Kangas, J Hakulinen, J Rantala, M Turunen, ...
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 5 (12), 81, 2021
Unimodal and multimodal signals to support control transitions in semiautonomous vehicles
K Salminen, A Farooq, J Rantala, V Surakka, R Raisamo
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Automotive User …, 2019
User experience and expectations of haptic feedback in in-car interaction
K Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila, J Heikkinen, A Farooq, G Evreinov, ...
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous …, 2014
Developing technologies to provide haptic feedback for surface based interaction in mobile devices
A Farooq
Tampere University Press, 2017
Interpersonal haptic communication: review and directions for the future
R Raisamo, K Salminen, J Rantala, A Farooq, M Ziat
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 166, 102881, 2022
Generating Virtual Tactile Exciter for HD Haptics: A Tectonic Actuators’ Case Study
P Coe, A Farooq, G Evreinov, R Raisamo
2019 IEEE SENSORS, 1-4, 2019
Effects of directional haptic and non-speech audio cues in a cognitively demanding navigation task
T Nukarinen, R Raisamo, A Farooq, G Evreinov, V Surakka
Proceedings of the 8th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Fun …, 2014
Haptic device
G Evreinov, A Farooq, R Raisamo, A Hippula, D Takahata
US Patent App. 14/794,278, 2016
Touchscreen Overlay Augmented with the Stick-Slip Phenomenon to Generate Kinetic Energy
A Farooq, P Weitz, G Evreinov, R Raisamo, D Takahata
User Interface Software and Technology Symposium (UIST), 2016
Evaluating different types of actuators for liquid screen overlays (LSO)
A Farooq, G Evreinov, R Raisamo
2016 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS …, 2016
Tactile imaging system
G Evreinov, A Farooq, R Raisamo, A Hippula, D Takahata
US Patent 9,672,701, 2017
Haptics in Kiosks and ATMs for the Disabled
A Farooq
University of Tampere, Finland, 2009
Enhancing multimodal interaction for virtual reality using haptic mediation technology
A Farooq, G Evreinov, R Raisamo
Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design …, 2020
Developing novel multimodal interaction techniques for touchscreen in-vehicle infotainment systems
A Farooq, G Evreinov, R Raisamo, E Mäkinen, T Nukarinen, AA Majeed
2014 International conference on open source systems & technologies, 32-42, 2014
Origo Steering Wheel: Improving Tactile Feedback for Steering Wheel IVIS Interaction using Embedded Haptic Wave Guides and Constructive Wave Interference
A Farooq, H Venesvirta, H Sinivaara, M Laaksonen, A Hippula, V Surakka, ...
13th International Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive …, 2021
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