Fabrice Gabarrot
Fabrice Gabarrot
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The skill paradox: Explaining and reducing employment discrimination against skilled immigrants
J Dietz, C Joshi, VM Esses, LK Hamilton, F Gabarrot
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Competitive conflict regulation and informational dependence in peer learning
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Being similar versus being equal: Intergroup similarity moderates the influence of in‐group norms on discrimination and prejudice
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Encouraging ecological behaviour through induced hypocrisy and inconsistency
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Group motives in threatening contexts: When a loyalty conflict paradoxically reduces the influence of an anti‐discrimination ingroup norm
JM Falomir‐Pichastor, F Gabarrot, G Mugny
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Conformity and identity threat: The role of ingroup identification
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Ingroup identification increases differentiation in response to egalitarian ingroup norm under distinctiveness threat
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Beware of the gorilla: Effect of goal priming on inattentional blindness
JB Légal, P Chekroun, V Coiffard, F Gabarrot
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The young and the reckless: Does priming age stereotype in young adults affect speed or cautiousness?
V Dioux, R Brochard, F Gabarrot, D Zagar
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Regulatory focus, self-directed emotions, and intergroup attitudes
JM Falomir-Pichastor, F Gabarrot
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The blond, the dumb and the ugly: Does self-stereotyping mediate prime-to-behavior effects
C Bry, F Gabarrot, C Toma
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Gender ingroup prototypicality and manager prototypes.
T Dennerlein, EP Kleinlogel, J Dietz, F Gabarrot
The 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational …, 2013
Influence normative, menace intergroupe et adaptabilité perçue des immigrés
JM Falomir-Pichastor, F Gabarrot, G Mugny, C Nurra
Bulletin de psychologie, 407-414, 2007
La menace du stéréotype
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Influence sociale, identité sociale, et discrimination: quand la similarité met un frein à l'égalité
F Gabarrot
éditeur non identifié, 2009
Comment lire un article scientifique en psychologie sociale?
F Gabarrot, D Vaidis
Revue électronique de Psychologie Sociale, 65-76, 2007
Qualité de vie au travail: impact de l’écart entre la QVT perçue et idéale
E Salès-Wuillemin, B Minondo-Kaghad, J Chappé, F Gabarrot, ...
Colloque International de Psychologie Sociale Appliquée, 2017
Social representation of the quality of working life: gap between idealization and perception, an empirical study
É Salès-Wuillemin, B Minondo-Kaghad, J Chappé, F Gabarrot, ...
13th International Conference on Social Representations-ICRS, 2016
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