Gabriele Tolomei
Gabriele Tolomei
Associate Professor of Computer Science at Sapienza University of Rome
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Interpretable Predictions of Tree-based Ensembles via Actionable Feature Tweaking
G Tolomei, F Silvestri, A Haines, M Lalmas
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Identifying task-based sessions in search engine query logs
C Lucchese, S Orlando, R Perego, F Silvestri, G Tolomei
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Advertising in the iot era: Vision and challenges
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Discovering tasks from search engine query logs
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Cf-gnnexplainer: Counterfactual explanations for graph neural networks
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Mitch: A Machine Learning Approach to the Black-Box Detection of CSRF Vulnerabilities
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Quite a mess in my cookie jar!: leveraging machine learning to protect web authentication
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Promoting positive post-click experience for in-stream yahoo gemini users
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A supervised learning approach to protect client authentication on the web
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Treant: training evasion-aware decision trees
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Generating actionable suggestions for improving user engagement with online advertisements
M Trevisiol, G Tolomei, N Barbieri, M Lalmas, PM Sangal, F Silvestri
US Patent 10,755,303, 2020
Adversarial Training of Gradient-Boosted Decision Trees
S Calzavara, C Lucchese, G Tolomei
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Using clustering to improve the structure of natural language requirements documents
A Ferrari, S Gnesi, G Tolomei
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Improving europeana search experience using query logs
D Ceccarelli, S Gordea, C Lucchese, FM Nardini, G Tolomei
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DomoNet: a framework and a prototype for interoperability of domotic middlewares based on XML and Web Services
V Miori, L Tarrini, M Manca
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Challenges in designing an interest-based distributed aggregation of users in p2p systems
M Mordacchini, P Dazzi, G Tolomei, R Baraglia, F Silvestri, S Orlando
2009 International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications & Workshops …, 2009
You must have clicked on this ad by mistake! Data-driven identification of accidental clicks on mobile ads with applications to advertiser cost discounting and click-through …
G Tolomei, M Lalmas, A Farahat, A Haines
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Machine Learning for Web Vulnerability Detection: The Case of Cross-Site Request Forgery
S Calzavara, M Conti, R Focardi, A Rabitti, G Tolomei
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Trending topics on Twitter improve the prediction of Google hot queries
F Giummolè, S Orlando, G Tolomei
2013 International Conference on Social Computing, 39-44, 2013
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