Lu-An Tang
Lu-An Tang
Senior Researcher, NEC Laboratories America
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On discovery of traveling companions from streaming trajectories
LA Tang, Y Zheng, J Yuan, J Han, A Leung, CC Hung, WC Peng
2012 IEEE 28th International Conference on Data Engineering, 186-197, 2012
Movemine: Mining moving object data for discovery of animal movement patterns
Z Li, J Han, M Ji, LA Tang, Y Yu, B Ding, JG Lee, R Kays
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Geo-friends recommendation in gps-based cyber-physical social network
X Yu, A Pan, LA Tang, Z Li, J Han
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Movemine: Mining moving object databases
Z Li, M Ji, JG Lee, LA Tang, Y Yu, J Han, R Kays
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Tru-alarm: Trustworthiness analysis of sensor networks in cyber-physical systems
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A framework of traveling companion discovery on trajectory data streams
LA Tang, Y Zheng, J Yuan, J Han, A Leung, WC Peng, TL Porta
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Entity embedding-based anomaly detection for heterogeneous categorical events
T Chen, LA Tang, Y Sun, Z Chen, K Zhang
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Retrieving k-nearest neighboring trajectories by a set of point locations
LA Tang, Y Zheng, X Xie, J Yuan, X Yu, J Han
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Trustworthiness analysis of sensor data in cyber-physical systems
LA Tang, X Yu, S Kim, Q Gu, J Han, A Leung, T La Porta
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J Han, Z Li, LA Tang
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Spatiotemporal periodical pattern mining in traffic data
T Jindal, P Giridhar, LA Tang, J Li, J Han
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Mining trajectory data and geotagged data in social media for road map inference
J Li, Q Qin, J Han, LA Tang, KH Lei
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Effective variation management for pseudo periodical streams
L Tang, B Cui, H Li, G Miao, D Yang, X Zhou
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Mining sensor data in cyber-physical systems
LA Tang, J Han, G Jiang
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Filtering and refinement: A two-stage approach for efficient and effective anomaly detection
X Yu, LA Tang, J Han
2009 Ninth IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 617-626, 2009
Indexing land surface for efficient knn query
C Shahabi, LA Tang, S Xing
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment 1 (1), 1020-1031, 2008
Graph-based intrusion detection using process traces
Z Chen, L Tang, B Dong, G Jiang, H Chen
US Patent 10,305,917, 2019
Heterogeneous Graph Matching Networks
S Wang, Z Chen, X Yu, D Li, J Ni, LA Tang, J Gui, Z Li, H Chen, PS Yu
arXiv preprint arXiv:1910.08074, 2019
Intrumine: Mining intruders in untrustworthy data of cyber-physical systems
LA Tang, Q Gu, X Yu, J Han, TL Porta, A Leung, T Abdelzaher, L Kaplan
Proceedings of the 2012 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 600-611, 2012
Graph-based fusing of heterogeneous alerts
K Yoshihira, LI Zhichun, Z Chen, H Chen, G Jiang, L Tang
US Patent 10,476,749, 2019
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