Zhimin Qi
Zhimin Qi
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High-Strength Nanotwinned Al Alloys with 9R Phase
Q Li, S Xue, J Wang, S Shao, AH Kwong, A Giwa, Z Fan, Y Liu, Z Qi, ...
Advanced Materials, 2018
Continuous Tuning of Phase Transition Temperature in VO2 Thin Films on c-Cut Sapphire Substrates via Strain Variation
J Jian, X Wang, L Li, M Fan, W Zhang, J Huang, Z Qi, H Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (6), 5319-5327, 2017
Self-assembled Co–BaZrO 3 nanocomposite thin films with ultra-fine vertically aligned Co nanopillars
J Huang, L Li, P Lu, Z Qi, X Sun, X Zhang, H Wang
Nanoscale 9 (23), 7970-7976, 2017
Encapsulation and networking of silicon nanoparticles using amorphous carbon and graphite for high performance Li-ion batteries
MH Parekh, VP Parikh, PJ Kim, S Misra, Z Qi, H Wang, VG Pol
Carbon 148, 36-43, 2019
Self‐Assembled Ordered Three‐Phase Au–BaTiO3–ZnO Vertically Aligned Nanocomposites Achieved by a Templating Method
S Misra, L Li, D Zhang, J Jian, Z Qi, M Fan, HT Chen, X Zhang, H Wang
Advanced Materials 31 (7), 1806529, 2019
Plasmonic Cu nanostructures in ZnO as hyperbolic metamaterial thin films
J Huang, X Wang, XL Phuah, P Lu, Z Qi, H Wang
Materials Today Nano 8, 100052, 2019
Tailorable Optical Response of Au–LiNbO3 Hybrid Metamaterial Thin Films for Optical Waveguide Applications
J Huang, T Jin, S Misra, H Wang, Z Qi, Y Dai, X Sun, L Li, J Okkema, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 6 (19), 1800510, 2018
Self-assembled vertically aligned Ni nanopillars in CeO 2 with anisotropic magnetic and transport properties for energy applications
J Huang, Z Qi, L Li, H Wang, S Xue, B Zhang, X Zhang, H Wang
Nanoscale 10 (36), 17182-17188, 2018
Laser-induced mesoporous nickel oxide as a highly sensitive nonenzymatic glucose sensor
S Sedaghat, CR Piepenburg, A Zareei, Z Qi, S Peana, H Wang, R Rahimi
ACS Applied Nano Materials 3 (6), 5260-5270, 2020
LiNi0. 5Mn0. 3Co0. 2O2/Au nanocomposite thin film cathode with enhanced electrochemical properties
Z Qi, J Jian, J Huang, J Tang, H Wang, VG Pol, H Wang
Nano Energy 46, 290-296, 2018
Perovskite transparent conducting oxide for the design of a transparent, flexible, and self-powered perovskite photodetector
R Xu, L Min, Z Qi, X Zhang, J Jian, Y Ji, F Qian, J Fan, C Kan, H Wang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (14), 16462-16468, 2020
Microstructure, Magnetic, and Magnetoresistance Properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3:CuO Nanocomposite Thin Films
M Fan, H Wang, S Misra, B Zhang, Z Qi, X Sun, J Huang, H Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (6), 5779-5784, 2018
Tunable Optical Properties in Self‐Assembled Oxide‐Metal Hybrid Thin Films via Au‐Phase Geometry Control: From Nanopillars to Nanodisks
D Zhang, S Misra, L Li, X Wang, J Jian, P Lu, X Gao, X Sun, Z Qi, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 8 (4), 1901359, 2020
Rapid upcycling of waste polyethylene terephthalate to energy storing disodium terephthalate flowers with DFT calculations
S Ghosh, MA Makeev, Z Qi, H Wang, NN Rajput, SK Martha, VG Pol
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (16), 6252-6262, 2020
Ge2Sb2Se5 glass as high-capacity promising lithium-ion battery anode
JR Rodriguez, Z Qi, H Wang, MY Shalaginov, C Goncalves, M Kang, ...
Nano Energy 68, 104326, 2020
Broad Range Tuning of Phase Transition Property in VO2 Through Metal‐Ceramic Nanocomposite Design
J Jian, X Wang, S Misra, X Sun, Z Qi, X Gao, J Sun, A Donohue, DG Lin, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (36), 1903690, 2019
Engineered heat dissipation and current distribution boron nitride-graphene layer coated on polypropylene separator for high performance lithium metal battery
JR Rodriguez, PJ Kim, K Kim, Z Qi, H Wang, VG Pol
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 583, 362-370, 2021
Interface Engineered Room‐Temperature Ferromagnetic Insulating State in Ultrathin Manganite Films
W Li, B Zhu, Q He, AY Borisevich, C Yun, R Wu, P Lu, Z Qi, Q Wang, ...
Advanced Science 7 (1), 1901606, 2020
Advanced thin film cathodes for lithium ion batteries
Z Qi, H Wang
Research 2020, 2020
Origin of High Interfacial Resistances in Solid‐State Batteries: Interdiffusion and Amorphous Film Formation in Li0.33La0.57TiO3/LiMn2O4 Half Cells
P Xu, W Rheinheimer, SN Shuvo, Z Qi, O Levit, H Wang, Y Ein‐Eli, ...
ChemElectroChem 6 (17), 4576-4585, 2019
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