Todd Mytkowicz
Todd Mytkowicz
Microsoft Research
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Power of the few vs. wisdom of the crowd: Wikipedia and the rise of the bourgeoisie
A Kittur, E Chi, BA Pendleton, B Suh, T Mytkowicz
World wide web 1 (2), 19, 2007
Producing wrong data without doing anything obviously wrong!
T Mytkowicz, A Diwan, M Hauswirth, PF Sweeney
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 37 (1), 265-276, 2009
Approximate computing: A survey
Q Xu, T Mytkowicz, NS Kim
IEEE Design & Test 33 (1), 8-22, 2015
Understanding the efficiency of social tagging systems using information theory
EH Chi, T Mytkowicz
Proceedings of the nineteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 81-88, 2008
Uncertain< T>: A first-order type for uncertain data
J Bornholt, T Mytkowicz, KS McKinley
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 49 (4), 51-66, 2014
Evaluating the accuracy of Java profilers
T Mytkowicz, A Diwan, M Hauswirth, PF Sweeney
ACM Sigplan Notices 45 (6), 187-197, 2010
Expressing and verifying probabilistic assertions
A Sampson, P Panchekha, T Mytkowicz, KS McKinley, D Grossman, ...
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 49 (6), 112-122, 2014
XML fever
E Wilde, RJ Glushko
Communications of the ACM 51 (7), 40-46, 2008
Data-parallel finite-state machines
T Mytkowicz, M Musuvathi, W Schulte
ACM SIGARCH Computer Architecture News 42 (1), 529-542, 2014
Yinyang k-means: A drop-in replacement of the classic k-means with consistent speedup
Y Ding, Y Zhao, X Shen, M Musuvathi, T Mytkowicz
International Conference on Machine Learning, 579-587, 2015
Evolving cooperative strategies for UAV teams
MD Richards, D Whitley, JR Beveridge, T Mytkowicz, D Nguyen, D Rome
Proceedings of the 7th annual conference on Genetic and evolutionary …, 2005
The latency, accuracy, and battery (LAB) abstraction: programmer productivity and energy efficiency for continuous mobile context sensing
A Kansal, S Saponas, AJ Brush, KS McKinley, T Mytkowicz, R Ziola
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 48 (10), 661-676, 2013
Understanding navigability of social tagging systems
EH Chi, T Mytkowicz
Proceedings of CHI 7, 2007
SIMD parallelization of applications that traverse irregular data structures
B Ren, G Agrawal, JR Larus, T Mytkowicz, T Poutanen, W Schulte
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation …, 2013
Parallelizing user-defined aggregations using symbolic execution
V Raychev, M Musuvathi, T Mytkowicz
Proceedings of the 25th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, 153-167, 2015
The model is not enough: Understanding energy consumption in mobile devices
J Bornholt, T Mytkowicz, KS McKinley
2012 IEEE Hot Chips 24 Symposium (HCS), 1-3, 2012
Computer systems are dynamical systems
T Mytkowicz, A Diwan, E Bradley
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 19 (3), 033124, 2009
Inferred call path profiling
T Mytkowicz, D Coughlin, A Diwan
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 44 (10), 175-190, 2009
We have it easy, but do we have it right?
T Mytkowicz, A Diwan, M Hauswirth, P Sweeney
2008 IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing, 1-7, 2008
Parallelizing dynamic programming through rank convergence
S Maleki, M Musuvathi, T Mytkowicz
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 49 (8), 219-232, 2014
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