Jörg Neugebauer
Jörg Neugebauer
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First-principles calculations for defects and impurities: Applications to III-nitrides
CG Van de Walle, J Neugebauer
Journal of applied physics 95 (8), 3851-3879, 2004
Adsorbate-substrate and adsorbate-adsorbate interactions of Na and K adlayers on Al (111)
J Neugebauer, M Scheffler
Physical Review B 46 (24), 16067, 1992
First-principles calculations for point defects in solids
C Freysoldt, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, G Kresse, A Janotti, ...
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Gallium vacancies and the yellow luminescence in GaN
J Neugebauer, CG Van de Walle
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Universal alignment of hydrogen levels in semiconductors, insulators and solutions
CG Van de Walle, J Neugebauer
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Atomic geometry and electronic structure of native defects in GaN
J Neugebauer, CG Van de Walle
Physical Review B 50 (11), 8067, 1994
Density-functional theory calculations for poly-atomic systems: electronic structure, static and elastic properties and ab initio molecular dynamics
M Bockstedte, A Kley, J Neugebauer, M Scheffler
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Fully Ab Initio Finite-Size Corrections for Charged-Defect Supercell Calculations
C Freysoldt, J Neugebauer, CG Van de Walle
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A map for phase-change materials
D Lencer, M Salinga, B Grabowski, T Hickel, J Neugebauer, M Wuttig
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Hydrogen in GaN: Novel aspects of a common impurity
J Neugebauer, CG Van de Walle
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Adatom diffusion at GaN (0001) and (0001) surfaces
T Zywietz, J Neugebauer, M Scheffler
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Reconstructions of the Surface
AR Smith, RM Feenstra, DW Greve, J Neugebauer, JE Northrup
Physical review letters 79 (20), 3934, 1997
Theory of and () surfaces
JE Northrup, J Neugebauer
Physical Review B 53 (16), R10477, 1996
Consistent set of band parameters for the group-III nitrides AlN, GaN, and InN
P Rinke, M Winkelnkemper, A Qteish, D Bimberg, J Neugebauer, ...
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Structure of GaN (0001): The laterally contracted Ga bilayer model
JE Northrup, J Neugebauer, RM Feenstra, AR Smith
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On the accuracy of DFT for describing hydrogen bonds: dependence on the bond directionality
J Ireta, J Neugebauer, M Scheffler
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Determination of wurtzite GaN lattice polarity based on surface reconstruction
AR Smith, RM Feenstra, DW Greve, MS Shin, M Skowronski, ...
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The relation between ductility and stacking fault energies in Mg and Mg–Y alloys
S Sandlöbes, M Friák, S Zaefferer, A Dick, S Yi, D Letzig, Z Pei, LF Zhu, ...
Acta Materialia 60 (6-7), 3011-3021, 2012
Role of hydrogen in doping of GaN
J Neugebauer, CG Van de Walle
Applied physics letters 68 (13), 1829-1831, 1996
Combining GW calculations with exact-exchange density-functional theory: an analysis of valence-band photoemission for compound semiconductors
P Rinke, A Qteish, J Neugebauer, C Freysoldt, M Scheffler
New Journal of Physics 7 (1), 126, 2005
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