Joseph S. Harrison
Joseph S. Harrison
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Texas Christian University
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Living and dying: Synthesizing the literature on firm survival and failure across stages of development
MA Josefy, JS Harrison, DG Sirmon, C Carnes
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Saving face: How exit in response to negative press and star analyst downgrades reflects reputation maintenance by directors
JS Harrison, S Boivie, NY Sharp, RJ Gentry
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Measuring CEO Personality: Developing, validating, and testing a linguistic tool
JS Harrison, GR Thurgood, S Boivie, MD Pfarrer
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A Zardkoohi, JS Harrison, MA Josefy
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Conflict and confluence: the multidimensionality of opportunism in principal-agent relationships
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Event-study methodology in the context of M&As
JS Harrison, M Schijven
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Heterogeneity of Corporate Parents and the Paradox of Corporate Venture Capital: A Social Capital Approach
JS Harrison, MA Fitza
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 34 (2), 3, 2014
Examining the Effect of CEOs’ Elite Educational Ties and Minority Status on Human Capital Pipelines
M Josefy, J Harrison, MD Howard
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The Effects of CEO Personality on Strategic Change and Firm Risk
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When it Pays to be Dissatisfied: Modeling Employees’ Motives to Game Engagement Surveys
MA Josefy, DJ Schleicher, J Harrison, DE Rupp
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Perception Is Reality: How CEOs’ Observed Personality Influences Market Perceptions of Firm Risk and Shareholder Returns
J Harrison, GR Thurgood, S Boivie, M Pfarrer
Academy of Management Journal, 0
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