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Nikos Dimotakis
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Embedding ethical leadership within and across organization levels
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Are health and happiness the product of wisdom? The relationship of general mental ability to educational and occupational attainment, health, and well-being.
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Positive and negative assessment center feedback in relation to development self-efficacy, feedback seeking, and promotion.
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When challenges hinder: An investigation of when and how challenge stressors impact employee outcomes.
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Leaders' emotional expressiveness and their behavioural and relational authenticity: Effects on followers
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Team structure and regulatory focus: The impact of regulatory fit on team dynamic.
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The mind and heart (literally) of the negotiator: Personality and contextual determinants of experiential reactions and economic outcomes in negotiation.
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Anxiety responses to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis: Patterns of change in the experience of prolonged exposure to stressors.
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Mood, blood pressure, and heart rate at work: An experience-sampling study.
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Effects of kin density within family-owned businesses
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Experience sampling methodology
N Dimotakis, R Ilies, TA Judge
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Does servant leadership’s people focus facilitate or constrain its positive impact on performance? An examination of servant leadership’s direct, indirect, and total effects on …
CA Hartnell, EP Karam, AJ Kinicki, N Dimotakis
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Hierarchical leadership versus self-management in teams: Goal orientation diversity as moderator of their relative effectiveness
AN Pieterse, JR Hollenbeck, D van Knippenberg, M Spitzmüller, ...
The Leadership Quarterly 30 (6), 101343, 2019
The view over one's shoulder: The causes and consequences of leader's envy of followers
D Leheta, N Dimotakis, J Schatten
The Leadership Quarterly 28 (3), 451-468, 2017
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