Ruoxing Wang
Ruoxing Wang
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Defect‐Rich MoS2 Ultrathin Nanosheets with Additional Active Edge Sites for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
J Xie, H Zhang, S Li, R Wang, X Sun, M Zhou, J Zhou, XW Lou, Y Xie
Advanced materials 25 (40), 5807-5813, 2013
Controllable Disorder Engineering in Oxygen-Incorporated MoS2 Ultrathin Nanosheets for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
J Xie, J Zhang, S Li, F Grote, X Zhang, H Zhang, R Wang, Y Lei, B Pan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (47), 17881-17888, 2013
Atomically-thin molybdenum nitride nanosheets with exposed active surface sites for efficient hydrogen evolution
J Xie, S Li, X Zhang, J Zhang, R Wang, H Zhang, B Pan, Y Xie
Chemical science 5 (12), 4615-4620, 2014
Field-effect transistors made from solution-grown two-dimensional tellurene
Y Wang, G Qiu, R Wang, S Huang, Q Wang, Y Liu, Y Du, WA Goddard, ...
Nature Electronics 1 (4), 228-236, 2018
Intralayered Ostwald ripening to ultrathin nanomesh catalyst with robust oxygen‐evolving performance
J Xie, X Zhang, H Zhang, J Zhang, S Li, R Wang, B Pan, Y Xie
Advanced Materials 29 (10), 1604765, 2017
Tellurene: its physical properties, scalable nanomanufacturing, and device applications
W Wu, G Qiu, Y Wang, R Wang, P Ye
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (19), 7203-7212, 2018
Engineered and laser‐processed chitosan biopolymers for sustainable and biodegradable triboelectric power generation
R Wang, S Gao, Z Yang, Y Li, W Chen, B Wu, W Wu
Advanced Materials 30 (11), 1706267, 2018
Sub-3 nm pores in two-dimensional nanomesh promoting the generation of electroactive phase for robust water oxidation
J Xie, J Xin, R Wang, X Zhang, F Lei, H Qu, P Hao, G Cui, B Tang, Y Xie
Nano Energy 53, 74-82, 2018
Zirconium trisulfide ultrathin nanosheets as efficient catalysts for water oxidation in both alkaline and neutral solutions
J Xie, R Wang, J Bao, X Zhang, H Zhang, S Li, Y Xie
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 1 (10), 751-756, 2014
Solution-synthesized chiral piezoelectric selenium nanowires for wearable self-powered human-integrated monitoring
M Wu, Y Wang, S Gao, R Wang, C Ma, Z Tang, N Bao, W Wu, F Fan, ...
Nano energy 56, 693-699, 2019
Piezotronic effect in 1D van der Waals solid of elemental tellurium nanobelt for smart adaptive electronics
S Gao, Y Wang, R Wang, W Wu
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (10), 104004, 2017
Lignin biopolymer based triboelectric nanogenerators
Y Bao, R Wang, Y Lu, W Wu
APL Materials 5 (7), 074109, 2017
Data-driven and probabilistic learning of the process-structure-property relationship in solution-grown tellurene for optimized nanomanufacturing of high-performance …
Y Wang, RSB Ferreira, R Wang, G Qiu, G Li, Y Qin, DY Peide, A Sabbaghi, ...
Nano Energy 57, 480-491, 2019
Wearable high-dielectric-constant polymers with core–shell liquid metal inclusions for biomechanical energy harvesting and a self-powered user interface
S Gao, R Wang, C Ma, Z Chen, Y Wang, M Wu, Z Tang, N Bao, D Ding, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (12), 7109-7117, 2019
Grain boundary engineering in atomically-thin nanosheets achieving bright white light emission
J Xie, S Li, R Wang, H Zhang, Y Xie
Chemical Science 5 (4), 1328-1335, 2014
Correction to Controllable Disorder Engineering in Oxygen-Incorporated MoS2 Ultrathin Nanosheets for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution
J Xie, J Zhang, S Li, F Grote, X Zhang, H Zhang, R Wang, Y Lei, B Pan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (4), 1680-1680, 2014
Chitosan biopolymer‐derived self‐powered triboelectric sensor with optimized performance through molecular surface engineering and data‐driven learning
C Ma, S Gao, X Gao, M Wu, R Wang, Y Wang, Z Tang, F Fan, W Wu, ...
InfoMat 1 (1), 116-125, 2019
Holistically engineered polymer–polymer and polymer–ion interactions in biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol blends for high‐performance triboelectric devices in self‐powered …
R Wang, L Mu, Y Bao, H Lin, T Ji, Y Shi, J Zhu, W Wu
Advanced Materials 32 (32), 2002878, 2020
Hybrid nanomanufacturing of mixed-dimensional manganese oxide/graphene aerogel macroporous hierarchy for ultralight efficient supercapacitor electrodes in self-powered …
C Ma, R Wang, H Tetik, S Gao, M Wu, Z Tang, D Lin, D Ding, W Wu
Nano Energy 66, 104124, 2019
Metabolomic insights of macrophage responses to graphene nanoplatelets: Role of scavenger receptor CD36
SXF Adamson, R Wang, W Wu, B Cooper, J Shannahan
PloS one 13 (11), e0207042, 2018
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