Kenneth A. Field
Kenneth A. Field
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Compartmentalized activation of the high affinity immunoglobulin E receptor within membrane domains
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Fc epsilon RI-mediated recruitment of p53/56lyn to detergent-resistant membrane domains accompanies cellular signaling
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Evidence for hormonal control of heart regenerative capacity during endothermy acquisition
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CTLA4-Ig restores rejection of MHC class-II mismatched allografts by disabling IL-2-expanded regulatory T cells
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Mutant RBL mast cells defective in FcεRI signaling and lipid raft biosynthesis are reconstituted by activated Rho-family GTPases
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Antibodies to Pseudogymnoascus destructans are not sufficient for protection against white‐nose syndrome
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Molecular Detection of Candidatus Bartonella mayotimonensis in North American Bats
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Cyclosporine A drives a Th17-and Th2-mediated posttransplant obliterative airway disease
PH Lemaître, B Vokaer, LM Charbonnier, Y Iwakura, KA Field, M Estenne, ...
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The protooncogene MYC can break B cell tolerance
Y Refaeli, KA Field, BC Turner, A Trumpp, JM Bishop
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of …, 2005
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