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Kazushi IKEDA
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Heart rate variability predicts the emotional state in dogs
M Katayama, T Kubo, K Mogi, K Ikeda, M Nagasawa, T Kikusui
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Actin migration driven by directional assembly and disassembly of membrane-anchored actin filaments
H Katsuno, M Toriyama, Y Hosokawa, K Mizuno, K Ikeda, Y Sakumura, ...
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Amplify-and-forward cooperative diversity schemes for multi-carrier systems
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Art expertise reduces influence of visual salience on fixation in viewing abstract-paintings
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Shootin1–cortactin interaction mediates signal–force transduction for axon outgrowth
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Pay it backward: Per-task payments on crowdsourcing platforms reduce productivity
K Ikeda, MS Bernstein
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Neural decoding of single vowels during covert articulation using electrocorticography
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Emotional contagion from humans to dogs is facilitated by duration of ownership
M Katayama, T Kubo, T Yamakawa, K Fujiwara, K Nomoto, K Ikeda, ...
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Bayesian nonparametric learning of cloth models for real-time state estimation
N Koganti, T Tamei, K Ikeda, T Shibata
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Modeling and prediction of driving behaviors using a nonparametric Bayesian method with AR models
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Effects of kernel function on Nu support vector machines in extreme cases
K Ikeda
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Cloth dynamics modeling in latent spaces and its application to robotic clothing assistance
N Koganti, JG Ngeo, T Tomoya, K Ikeda, T Shibata
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Geometrical properties of Nu support vector machines with different norms
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A new criterion using information gain for action selection strategy in reinforcement learning
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Exponential family tensor factorization for missing-values prediction and anomaly detection
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An asymptotic statistical analysis of support vector machines with soft margins
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Geometry of admissible parameter region in neural learning
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Predicting the band gap of ZnO quantum dots via supervised machine learning models
PR Regonia, CM Pelicano, R Tani, A Ishizumi, H Yanagi, K Ikeda
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Information geometry of interspike intervals in spiking neurons
K Ikeda
Neural computation 17 (12), 2719-2735, 2005
Herding mechanisms to maintain the cohesion of a harem group: two interaction phases during herding
M Ringhofer, CK Go, S Inoue, R S. Mendonça, S Hirata, T Kubo, K Ikeda, ...
Journal of Ethology 38, 71-77, 2020
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