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Anna Rumshisky
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A primer in BERTology: What we know about how BERT works
A Rogers, O Kovaleva, A Rumshisky
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 8, 842-866, 2021
Revealing the dark secrets of BERT
O Kovaleva, A Romanov, A Rogers, A Rumshisky
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2019
Evaluating temporal relations in clinical text: 2012 i2b2 challenge
W Sun, A Rumshisky, O Uzuner
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, amiajnl-2013-001628, 2013
Unfolding Physiological State: Mortality Modelling in Intensive Care Units
M Ghassemi, T Naumann, F Doshi-Velez, N Brimmer, R Joshi, ...
Automating temporal annotation with TARSQI
M Verhagen, I Mani, R Sauri, R Knippen, SB Jang, J Littman, ...
Proceedings of the ACL 2005 on Interactive poster and demonstration sessions …, 2005
Predicting early psychiatric readmission with natural language processing of narrative discharge summaries
A Rumshisky, M Ghassemi, T Naumann, P Szolovits, VM Castro, ...
Translational Psychiatry 6 (10), e921, 2016
When BERT plays the lottery, all tickets are winning
S Prasanna, A Rogers, A Rumshisky
Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language …, 2020
GhostWriter: Using an LSTM for Automatic Rap Lyric Generation.
P Potash, A Romanov, A Rumshisky
EMNLP, 1919-1924, 2015
RuSentiment: An Enriched Sentiment Analysis Dataset for Social Media in Russian
A Rogers, A Romanov, A Rumshisky, S Volkova, M Gronas, A Gribov
Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational …, 2018
Scaling Down to Scale Up: A Guide to Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning
V Lialin, V Deshpande, A Rumshisky
arXiv preprint arXiv:2303.15647, 2023
Annotating temporal information in clinical narratives
W Sun, A Rumshisky, O Uzuner
Journal of biomedical informatics 46, S5-S12, 2013
Classification of discourse coherence relations: An exploratory study using multiple knowledge sources
B Wellner, J Pustejovsky, C Havasi, A Rumshisky, R Sauri
Proceedings of the 7th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, 117-125, 2009
Towards a generative lexical resource: The brandeis semantic ontology
J Pustejovsky, C Havasi, J Littman, A Rumshisky, M Verhagen
Proceedings of the Fifth Language Resource and Evaluation Conference 7, 2006
Getting Closer to AI Complete Question Answering: A Set of Prerequisite Real Tasks
A Rogers, O Kovaleva, M Downey, A Rumshisky
Here's My Point: Argumentation Mining with Pointer Networks
P Potash, A Romanov, A Rumshisky
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.08994, 2016
SemEval-2017 Task 6:# HashtagWars: Learning a sense of humor
P Potash, A Romanov, A Rumshisky
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation …, 2017
What's in a Name? Reducing Bias in Bios without Access to Protected Attributes
A Romanov, M De-Arteaga, H Wallach, J Chayes, C Borgs, ...
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference of the North American Chapter of the …, 2019
Temporal reasoning over clinical text: the state of the art
W Sun, A Rumshisky, O Uzuner
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 20 (5), 814-819, 2013
Automated induction of sense in context
J Pustejovsky, P Hanks, A Rumshisky
Proceedings of the 20th international conference on Computational …, 2004
Medstract: creating large-scale information servers from biomedical texts
J Pustejovsky, J Castano, R Sauri, A Rumshisky, J Zhang, W Luo
Proceedings of the ACL-02 workshop on Natural language processing in the …, 2002
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