Luiz Laureno Mafra Jr.
Luiz Laureno Mafra Jr.
Centro de Estudos do Mar, Universidade Federal do Paraná
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Domoic acid uptake and elimination kinetics in oysters and mussels in relation to body size and anatomical distribution of toxin
LL Mafra Jr, VM Bricelj, K Fennel
Aquatic Toxicology 100, 17-29, 2010
Diversity and toxicity of the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia Peragallo in the Gulf of Maine, Northwestern Atlantic Ocean
LF Fernandes, KA Hubbard, ML Richlen, J Smith, SS Bates, J Ehrman, ...
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 103, 139-162, 2014
Analysis of trace levels of domoic acid in seawater and plankton by liquid chromatography without derivatization, using UV or mass spectrometry detection
LL Mafra Jr., C Léger, SS Bates, MA Quilliam
Journal of Chromatography A 1216, 6003-6011, 2009
Mechanisms contributing to low domoic acid uptake by oysters feeding on Pseudo-nitzschia cells . I . Filtration and pseudofeces production
SSB Luiz Laureno Mafra Junior, V. Monica Bricelj, Christine Ouellette ...
Aquatic Biology 6, 201-212, 2009
Harmful algae and toxis in paranaguá bay, Brazil: bases for monitoring
LL Mafra Junior, LF Fernandes, LAO Proença
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Mechanisms contributing to low domoic acid uptake by oysters feeding on Pseudo-nitzschia cells. II. Selective rejection
LL Mafra Jr, VM Bricelj, JE Ward
Aquatic Biology 6, 213-226, 2009
Mechanisms contributing to low domoic acid uptake by oysters feeding on Pseudo-nitzschia cells. II. Selective rejection
LL Mafra Jr., VM Bricelj, JE Ward
Aquatic Biology 6, 213-226, 2009
Feeding mechanics as the basis for differential uptake of the neurotoxin domoic acid by oysters, Crassostrea virginica, and mussels, Mytilus edulis
LL Mafra Jr., SSB V. Monica Bricelj, Christine Ouellette
Aquatic Toxicology 97, 160-171, 2010
Diarrheic toxins in field-sampled and cultivated Dinophysis spp. cells from southern Brazil
LL Mafra, CPS Tavares, MA Schramm
Journal of Applied Phycology 26, 1727-1739, 2014
Ostreopsis cf. ovata Bloom in Currais, Brazil: Phylogeny, Toxin Profile and Contamination of Mussels and Marine Plastic Litter
CEJA Tibiriçá, IP Leite, TVV Batista, LF Fernandes, N Chomérat, F Herve, ...
Toxins 11 (8), 446, 2019
Differential okadaic acid accumulation and detoxification by oysters and mussels during natural and simulated Dinophysis blooms
LL Mafra, T Ribas, TP Alves, LAO Proença, MA Schramm, H Uchida, ...
Fisheries science 81, 749-762, 2015
Multi-species okadaic acid contamination and human poisoning during a massive bloom of Dinophysis acuminata complex in southern Brazil
LL Mafra Jr, PKW Nolli, LE Mota, C Domit, M Soeth, LFG Luz, BF Sobrinho, ...
Harmful Algae 89, 101662, 2019
Diel Variations in Cell Abundance and Trophic Transfer of Diarrheic Toxins during a Massive Dinophysis Bloom in Southern Brazil
TP Alves, LL Mafra Jr
Toxins 10 (6), 232, 2018
Harmful effects of Dinophysis to the ciliate Mesodinium rubrum: Implications for prey capture
LL Mafra Jr, S Nagai, H Uchida, CPS Tavares, BP Escobar, T Suzuki
Harmful Algae 59, 82-90, 2016
Does Encope emarginata (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) affect spatial variation patterns of estuarine subtidal meiofauna and microphytobenthos?
MC Brustolin, MC Thomas, LL Mafra, PC Lana
Journal of Sea Research 91, 70-78, 2014
Variations in morphology, growth, and toxicity among strains of the Prorocentrum lima species complex isolated from Cuba and Brazil
AR Moreira-González, LF Fernandes, H Uchida, A Uesugi, T Suzuki, ...
Journal of Applied Phycology 31, 519-532, 2019
Seasonal and spatial patterns of toxigenic species of Dinophysis and Pseudo-nitzschia in a subtropical Brazilian estuary
CEJA Tibiriçá, LF Fernandes, LL Mafra Junior
Brazilian Journal of Oceanography 63, 17-32, 2015
Diversity and Toxicity of the Genus Coolia Meunier in Brazil, and Detection of 44-methyl Gambierone in Coolia tropicalis
CEJA Tibiriçá, M Sibat, LF Fernandes, G Bilien, N Chomérat, P Hess, ...
Toxins 12 (5), 327, 2020
Persistent Contamination of Octopuses and Mussels with Lipophilic Shellfish Toxins during Spring Dinophysis Blooms in a Subtropical Estuary
LL Mafra Jr, D Lopes, VC Bonilauri, H Uchida, T Suzuki
Marine Drugs 13 (6), 3920-3935, 2015
Growth, Toxin Production and Allelopathic Effects of Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries under Iron-Enriched Conditions
BF Sobrinho, LM De Camargo, L Sandrini-Neto, CR Kleemann, ...
Marine Drugs 15 (10), 331, 2017
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