Jie Zhang
Jie Zhang
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On the temporal relationship between coronal mass ejections and flares
J Zhang, KP Dere, RA Howard, MR Kundu, SM White
The Astrophysical Journal 559 (1), 452, 2001
Solar and interplanetary sources of major geomagnetic storms (Dst ≤ −100 nT) during 1996–2005
J Zhang, IG Richardson, DF Webb, N Gopalswamy, E Huttunen, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 112 (A10), 2007
Identification of solar sources of major geomagnetic storms between 1996 and 2000
J Zhang, KP Dere, RA Howard, V Bothmer
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A study of the kinematic evolution of coronal mass ejections
J Zhang, KP Dere, RA Howard, A Vourlidas
The Astrophysical Journal 604 (1), 420, 2004
A statistical study of main and residual accelerations of coronal mass ejections
J Zhang, KP Dere
The Astrophysical Journal 649 (2), 1100, 2006
Observation of an evolving magnetic flux rope before and during a solar eruption
J Zhang, X Cheng
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-6, 2012
Differential emission measure analysis of multiple structural components of coronal mass ejections in the inner corona
X Cheng, J Zhang, SH Saar, MD Ding
The Astrophysical Journal 761 (1), 62, 2012
A comparative study between eruptive X-class flares associated with coronal mass ejections and confined X-class flares
Y Wang, J Zhang
The Astrophysical Journal 665 (2), 1428, 2007
The magnetic helicity budget of solar active regions and coronal mass ejections
A Nindos, J Zhang, H Zhang
The Astrophysical Journal 594 (2), 1033, 2003
Major geomagnetic storms (Dst ≤ −100 nT) generated by corotating interaction regions
IG Richardson, DF Webb, J Zhang, DB Berdichevsky, DA Biesecker, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 111 (A7), 2006
A comparison of flare forecasting methods. I. Results from the “all-clear” workshop
G Barnes, KD Leka, CJ Schrijver, T Colak, R Qahwaji, OW Ashamari, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 829 (2), 89, 2016
Observing flux rope formation during the impulsive phase of a solar eruption
X Cheng, J Zhang, Y Liu, MD Ding
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 732 (2), L25, 2011
Automatic detection and tracking of coronal mass ejections in coronagraph time series
O Olmedo, J Zhang, H Wechsler, A Poland, K Borne
Solar image analysis and visualization, 275-289, 2008
Partial torus instability
O Olmedo, J Zhang
The Astrophysical Journal 718 (1), 433, 2010
Coronal shocks of November 1997 revisited: The CME–type II timing problem
EW Cliver, NV Nitta, BJ Thompson, J Zhang
Solar Physics 225 (1), 105-139, 2004
Calibrating 100 years of polar faculae measurements: Implications for the evolution of the heliospheric magnetic field
A Munoz-Jaramillo, NR Sheeley, J Zhang, EE DeLuca
The Astrophysical Journal 753 (2), 146, 2012
Coronal observations of CMEs
R Schwenn, JC Raymond, D Alexander, A Ciaravella, N Gopalswamy, ...
Coronal Mass Ejections, 127-176, 2006
Formation of a double-decker magnetic flux rope in the sigmoidal solar active region 11520
X Cheng, MD Ding, J Zhang, XD Sun, Y Guo, YM Wang, B Kliem, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 789 (2), 93, 2014
The driver of coronal mass ejections in the low corona: a flux rope
X Cheng, J Zhang, MD Ding, Y Liu, W Poomvises
The Astrophysical Journal 763 (1), 43, 2013
Secondary waves and/or the “reflection” from and “transmission” through a coronal hole of an extreme ultraviolet wave associated with the 2011 February 15 X2. 2 flare observed …
O Olmedo, A Vourlidas, J Zhang, X Cheng
The Astrophysical Journal 756 (2), 143, 2012
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