Tulika Mitra
Tulika Mitra
Professor of Computer Science, National University of Singapore
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The worst-case execution-time problem—overview of methods and survey of tools
R Wilhelm, J Engblom, A Ermedahl, N Holsti, S Thesing, D Whalley, ...
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Hierarchical power management for asymmetric multi-core in dark silicon era
TS Muthukaruppan, M Pricopi, V Venkataramani, T Mitra, S Vishin
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Scalable custom instructions identification for instruction-set extensible processors
P Yu, T Mitra
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WCET centric data allocation to scratchpad memory
V Suhendra, T Mitra, A Roychoudhury, T Chen
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Exploring locking & partitioning for predictable shared caches on multi-cores
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Integrated scratchpad memory optimization and task scheduling for MPSoC architectures
V Suhendra, C Raghavan, T Mitra
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HyCUBE: A CGRA with reconfigurable single-cycle multi-hop interconnect
M Karunaratne, AK Mohite, T Mitra, LS Peh
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Estimating the worst-case energy consumption of embedded software
R Jayaseelan, T Mitra, X Li
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Accurate estimation of cache-related preemption delay
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Power-performance modeling on asymmetric multi-cores
M Pricopi, TS Muthukaruppan, V Venkataramani, T Mitra, S Vishin
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Integrated CPU-GPU power management for 3D mobile games
A Pathania, Q Jiao, A Prakash, T Mitra
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Improving superscalar instruction dispatch and issue by exploiting dynamic code sequences
S Vajapeyam, T Mitra
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Lin-analyzer: A high-level performance analysis tool for FPGA-based accelerators
G Zhong, A Prakash, Y Liang, T Mitra, S Niar
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Modeling shared cache and bus in multi-cores for timing analysis
S Chattopadhyay, A Roychoudhury, T Mitra
Proceedings of the 13th international workshop on software & compilers for …, 2010
Modeling out-of-order processors for WCET analysis
X Li, A Roychoudhury, T Mitra
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Temperature aware task sequencing and voltage scaling
R Jayaseelan, T Mitra
2008 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 618-623, 2008
Characterizing embedded applications for instruction-set extensible processors
P Yu, T Mitra
Proceedings of the 41st annual Design Automation Conference, 723-728, 2004
High-throughput cnn inference on embedded arm big. little multicore processors
S Wang, G Ananthanarayanan, Y Zeng, N Goel, A Pathania, T Mitra
IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and …, 2019
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