Uli Kremer
Uli Kremer
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Fortran D language specification
G Fox
Technical Report Rice COMP TR90-141, Rice Univ., 1991
The design, implementation, and evaluation of a compiler algorithm for CPU energy reduction
CH Hsu, U Kremer
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A static performance estimator to guide data partitioning decisions
V Balasundaram, G Fox, K Kennedy, U Kremer
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An overview of the fortran d programming system
S Hiranandani, K Kennedy, C Koelbel, U Kremer, CW Tseng
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A compilation framework for power and energy management on mobile computers
U Kremer, J Hicks, J Rehg
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Automatic data layout for high performance fortran
K Kennedy, U Kremer
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An interactive environment for data partitioning and distribution
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Automatic data layout using 0-1 integer programming
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Energy-conscious compilation based on voltage scaling
H Saputra, M Kandemir, N Vijaykrishnan, MJ Irwin, JS Hu, CH Hsu, ...
Proceedings of the joint conference on languages, compilers and tools for …, 2002
Automatic data layout for distributed memory machines
UJ Kremer
Rice University, 1996
Automatic data layout for distributed-memory machines
K Kennedy, U Kremer
ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS) 20 (4), 869-916, 1998
The ParaScope Editor: An interactive parallel programming tool
V Balasundaram, K Kennedy, U Kremer, K McKinley, J Subhlok
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Compiler-directed dynamic voltage/frequency scheduling for energy reduction in microprocessors
CH Hsu, U Kremer, M Hsiao
Proceedings of the 2001 international symposium on low power electronics and …, 2001
Compiler-directed dynamic frequency and voltage scheduling
CH Hsu, U Kremer, M Hsiao
Power-Aware Computer Systems: First International Workshop, PACS 2000 …, 2001
NP-completeness of dynamic remapping
U Kremer
Proc. 4th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers, 1993
Spatial programming using smart messages: Design and implementation
C Borcea, C Intanagonwiwat, P Kang, U Kremer, L Iftode
24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, 2004 …, 2004
Smart messages: A distributed computing platform for networks of embedded systems
P Kang, C Borcea, G Xu, A Saxena, U Kremer, L Iftode
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Application transformations for energy and performance-aware device management
T Heath, E Pinheiro, J Hom, U Kremer, R Bianchini
Proceedings. International Conference on Parallel Architectures and …, 2002
Programming ad-hoc networks of mobile and resource-constrained devices
Y Ni, U Kremer, A Stere, L Iftode
ACM SIGPLAN Notices 40 (6), 249-260, 2005
IPERF: A framework for automatic construction of performance prediction models
CH Hsu, U Kremer
Workshop on Profile and Feedback-Directed Compilation (PFDC), Paris, France, 1998
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