Chih-Chun Chen
Chih-Chun Chen
Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge
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Specifying, detecting and analysing emergent behaviours in multi-level agent-based simulations
CC Chen, SB Nagl, CD Clack
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Inspiration and fixation: the influences of example designs and system properties in idea generation
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How neurons migrate: a dynamic in-silico model of neuronal migration in the developing cortex
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Describing complex design practices with a cross-domain framework: learning from Synthetic Biology and Swarm Robotics
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Modularity, redundancy and degeneracy: cross-domain perspectives on key design principles
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Complex event types for agent-based simulation
CC Chen
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CC Chen, S Nagl, C Clack
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From modularity to emergence: a primer on the design and science of complex systems
CC Chen, N Crilly
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2016
Complexity and emergence in engineering systems
CC Chen, SB Nagl, CD Clack
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A method for validating and discovering associations between multi-level emergent behaviours in agent-based simulations
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Metacognition in creativity: Process awareness used to facilitate the creative process
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Relationship between crude oil prices and stock prices of alternative energy companies with recent evidence
AYH Huang, CM Cheng, WC Hu, CC Chen
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What’s the benefit of problem exploration?
L Leite De Vasconcelos, N Crilly, CC Chen, F Campos, J Kelner
The Design Society, 2016
{{Citation needed}} the dynamics of referencing in Wikipedia
CC Chen, C Roth
Proceedings of the eighth annual international symposium on wikis and open …, 2012
Multi-level behaviours in agent-based simulation: colonic crypt cell populations
CC Chen, SB Nagl, CD Clack
Unifying Themes in Complex Systems VII, 14-26, 2012
Computational techniques for modeling and simulating biological systems
C Chen, S Nagl, CD Clack
ACM Computing Surveys 34 (3), 1-36, 2006
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