Hernani Fernandes Magalhaes de Oliveira
Hernani Fernandes Magalhaes de Oliveira
Environmental Health Consultant - Brazilian Health Minister
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Good Things Come in Larger Packages: Size Matters for Adult Fruit-Feeding Butterfly Dispersal and Larval Diet Breadth
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Brazil opens highly protected caves to mining, risking fauna
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Nature 602 (7897), 386-386, 2022
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Guia de sementes dispersas por morcegos (Mammalia: Chiroptera) da América Latina
HFM Oliveira, B Pereira
Available at: …, 2016
Assembléias de morcegos (Mammalia: Chiroptera) em áreas preservadas e degradadas do Cerrado do Distrito Federal
HFM Oliveira
Amazon Indigenous Peoples: lawsuit threatens lands
HFM Oliveira, F Alcamino, L Rattis, DV Silverio
Nature 605 (7911), 619-619, 2022
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