Dino Tonti
Dino Tonti
Staff scientist, ICMAB-CSIC
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Photochemically grown silver nanoparticles with wavelength-controlled size and shape
A Callegari, D Tonti, M Chergui
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Synthesis of high quality zinc blende CdSe nanocrystals
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A high voltage solid state symmetric supercapacitor based on graphene–polyoxometalate hybrid electrodes with a hydroquinone doped hybrid gel-electrolyte
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Origin of the Electrochemical Potential in Intercalation Electrodes:  Experimental Estimation of the Electronic and Ionic Contributions for Na Intercalated into TiS2
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Effects of architecture on the electrochemistry of binder-free inverse opal carbons as Li–air cathodes in an ionic liquid-based electrolyte
M Olivares-Marín, P Palomino, JM Amarilla, E Enciso, D Tonti
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Organic radicals for the enhancement of oxygen reduction reaction in Li–O 2 batteries
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Architecture of Na-O2 battery deposits revealed by transmission X-ray microscopy
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Ultrahigh energy density supercapacitors through a double hybrid strategy
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Preparation of a Si (111): GaSe van der Waals surface termination by selenization of a monolayer Ga on Si (111)
R Fritsche, E Wisotzki, A Thißen, A Islam, A Klein, W Jaegermann, ...
Surface science 515 (2-3), 296-304, 2002
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