Francesco Ballarin
Francesco Ballarin
Department of Mathematics and Physics, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Brescia, Italy
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Supremizer stabilization of POD–Galerkin approximation of parametrized steady incompressible Navier–Stokes equations
F Ballarin, A Manzoni, A Quarteroni, G Rozza
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Fast simulations of patient-specific haemodynamics of coronary artery bypass grafts based on a POD–Galerkin method and a vascular shape parametrization
F Ballarin, E Faggiano, S Ippolito, A Manzoni, A Quarteroni, G Rozza, ...
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POD–Galerkin monolithic reduced order models for parametrized fluid‐structure interaction problems
F Ballarin, G Rozza
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A POD‐selective inverse distance weighting method for fast parametrized shape morphing
F Ballarin, A D'Amario, S Perotto, G Rozza
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Numerical modeling of hemodynamics scenarios of patient-specific coronary artery bypass grafts
F Ballarin, E Faggiano, A Manzoni, A Quarteroni, G Rozza, S Ippolito, ...
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S Hijazi, S Ali, G Stabile, F Ballarin, G Rozza
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EN Karatzas, F Ballarin, G Rozza
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Stabilized weighted reduced basis methods for parametrized advection dominated problems with random inputs
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Advances in geometrical parametrization and reduced order models and methods for computational fluid dynamics problems in applied sciences and engineering: overview and …
F Salmoiraghi, F Ballarin, G Corsi, A Mola, M Tezzele, G Rozza
VII European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and …, 2016
Overcoming slowly decaying Kolmogorov n-width by transport maps: application to model order reduction of fluid dynamics and fluid--structure interaction problems
M Nonino, F Ballarin, G Rozza, Y Maday
arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.06598, 2019
Reduced-Order Semi-Implicit Schemes for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
F Ballarin, G Rozza, Y Maday
Model Reduction of Parametrized Systems, 149-167, 2017
Reduced-order models for patient-specific haemodynamics of coronary artery bypass grafts
F Ballarin
Ph.D. thesis, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2015
1 Basic ideas and tools for projection-based model reduction of parametric partial differential equations
G Rozza, M Hess, G Stabile, M Tezzele, F Ballarin
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Stabilized reduced basis methods for parametrized steady Stokes and Navier–Stokes equations
S Ali, F Ballarin, G Rozza
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 80 (11), 2399-2416, 2020
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