Feichi Zhou
Feichi Zhou
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Optoelectronic resistive random access memory for neuromorphic vision sensors
F Zhou, Z Zhou, J Chen, TH Choy, J Wang, N Zhang, Z Lin, S Yu, J Kang, ...
Nature nanotechnology 14 (8), 776-782, 2019
Doping, contact and interface engineering of two‐dimensional layered transition metal dichalcogenides transistors
Y Zhao, K Xu, F Pan, C Zhou, F Zhou, Y Chai
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Perovskite photovoltachromic supercapacitor with all-transparent electrodes
F Zhou, Z Ren, Y Zhao, X Shen, A Wang, YY Li, C Surya, Y Chai
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Low‐Voltage, Optoelectronic CH3NH3PbI3−xClx Memory with Integrated Sensing and Logic Operations
F Zhou, Y Liu, X Shen, M Wang, F Yuan, Y Chai
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (15), 1800080, 2018
Graphene-draped semiconductors for enhanced photocorrosion resistance and photocatalytic properties
M Wang, L Cai, Y Wang, F Zhou, K Xu, X Tao, Y Chai
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (11), 4144-4151, 2017
2D materials based optoelectronic memory: convergence of electronic memory and optical sensor
F Zhou, J Chen, X Tao, X Wang, Y Chai
Research 2019, 2019
Remarkably enhanced hydrogen generation of organolead halide perovskites via piezocatalysis and photocatalysis
M Wang, Y Zuo, J Wang, Y Wang, X Shen, B Qiu, L Cai, F Zhou, SP Lau, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (37), 1901801, 2019
Real-Time Observation of the Electrode-Size-Dependent Evolution Dynamics of the Conducting Filaments in a SiO2 Layer
F Yuan, Z Zhang, C Liu, F Zhou, HM Yau, W Lu, X Qiu, HSP Wong, J Dai, ...
ACS nano 11 (4), 4097-4104, 2017
Near-sensor and in-sensor computing
F Zhou, Y Chai
Nature Electronics 3 (11), 664-671, 2020
Microbially influenced corrosion of 304 stainless steel and titanium by P. variotii and A. niger in humid atmosphere
D Zhang, F Zhou, K Xiao, T Cui, H Qian, X Li
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 24 (7), 2688-2698, 2015
Improved air-stability of an organic–inorganic perovskite with anhydrously transferred graphene
X Shen, M Wang, F Zhou, B Qiu, L Cai, Y Liu, Z Zheng, Y Chai
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (32), 8663-8669, 2018
Anisotropic Signal Processing with Trigonal Selenium Nanosheet Synaptic Transistors
JK Qin, F Zhou, J Wang, J Chen, C Wang, X Guo, S Zhao, Y Pei, L Zhen, ...
ACS nano 14 (8), 10018-10026, 2020
Crypto primitive of MOCVD MoS 2 transistors for highly secured physical unclonable functions
B Shao, TH Choy, F Zhou, J Chen, C Wang, YJ Park, JH Ahn, Y Chai
Nano Research 14 (6), 1784-1788, 2021
Neuromorphic vision sensors: Principle, progress and perspectives
F Liao, F Zhou, Y Chai
Journal of Semiconductors 42 (1), 013105, 2021
Ultra-low voltage resistive switching of HfO2 buffered (001) epitaxial NiO films deposited on metal seed layers
XY Qiu, RX Wang, Z Zhang, ML Wei, H Ji, Y Chai, FC Zhou, JY Dai, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (14), 142103, 2017
A dual mode electronic synapse based on layered SnSe films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
X Chen, CH Suen, HM Yau, F Zhou, Y Chai, X Tang, X Zhou, N Onofrio, ...
Nanoscale Advances 2 (3), 1152-1160, 2020
Enhanced output power of a freestanding ball-based triboelectric generator through the electrophorus effect
TH Choy, F Zhou, W Xu, MC Wong, T Ye, J Hao, Y Chai
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (38), 18518-18524, 2018
In-situ observation of Cu filaments evolution in SiO2 layer
Z Zhang, F Yuan, C Liu, F Zhou, HM Yau, W Lu, XY Qiu, HSP Wong, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 23 (S1), 1622-1623, 2017
Optically-controlled multifunctional electronic devices
F Zhou
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2018
Multifunctional perovskite photovoltachromic supercapacitor
F Zhou, Y Zhao, X Shen, Y Chai, Q Ma
2016 IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference (INEC), 1-2, 2016
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