Dag Noréus
Dag Noréus
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Materials for hydrogen-based energy storage–past, recent progress and future outlook
M Hirscher, VA Yartys, M Baricco, JB von Colbe, D Blanchard, ...
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Alpha nickel hydroxides as lightweight nickel electrode materials for alkaline rechargeable cells
WK Hu, D Noréus
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E Rönnebro, D Noréus, K Kadir, A Reiser, B Bogdanovic
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Rechargeability of aqueous sulfate Zn/MnO2 batteries enhanced by accessible Mn2+ ions
M Chamoun, WR Brant, CW Tai, G Karlsson, D Noréus
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Hydrogenation, purification, and unzipping of carbon nanotubes by reaction with molecular hydrogen: road to graphane nanoribbons
AV Talyzin, S Luzan, IV Anoshkin, AG Nasibulin, H Jiang, EI Kauppinen, ...
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Studies on rechargeable NiMH batteries
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Bonding and stability of the hydrogen storage material Mg2NiH4
U Häussermann, H Blomqvist, D Noréus
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Evaluation of nano-crystal sized α-nickel hydroxide as an electrode material for alkaline rechargeable cells
WK Hu, XP Gao, D Noréus, T Burchardt, NK Nakstad
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Synthesis of CoOOH nanorods and application as coating materials of nickel hydroxide for high temperature Ni− MH cells
WK Hu, XP Gao, MM Geng, ZX Gong, D Noreus
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D Noreus, LG Olsson
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D Kyoi, T Sato, E Rönnebro, Y Tsuji, N Kitamura, A Ueda, M Ito, ...
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Structure and stability of high pressure synthesized Mg–TM hydrides (TM= Ti, Zr, Hf, V, Nb and Ta) as possible new hydrogen rich hydrides for hydrogen storage
D Moser, DJ Bull, T Sato, D Noréus, D Kyoi, T Sakai, N Kitamura, H Yusa, ...
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Na2PdH2, a hydride with a novel linear [PdH2] complex
D Noréus, KW Törnroos, A Börje, T Szabo, W Bronger, H Spittank, ...
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Structural investigations of two new ternary magnesium–niobium hydrides, Mg6. 5NbH∼ 14 and MgNb2H∼ 4
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Reaction of hydrogen gas with C60 at elevated pressure and temperature: Hydrogenation and cage fragmentation
AV Talyzin, YO Tsybin, JM Purcell, TM Schaub, YM Shulga, D Noréus, ...
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Twinning at the unit cell level in the low temperature phase of Mg2NiH4 studied by electron microscopy
D Noréus, L Kihlborg
Journal of the Less Common Metals 123 (1-2), 233-239, 1986
Mechanically reversible conductor–insulator transition in
H Blomqvist, D Noréus
Journal of applied physics 91 (8), 5141-5148, 2002
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