Peter D'Antonio
Peter D'Antonio
Director of Research
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Acoustic absorbers and diffusers: theory, design and application
TJ Cox, P D'antonio
Crc Press, 2009
Structure of acetylacetone by electron diffraction
AH Lowrey, C George, P d'Antonio, J Karle
Journal of the American Chemical Society 93 (24), 6399-6403, 1971
A tutorial on scattering and diffusion coefficients for room acoustic surfaces
TJ Cox, BIL Dalenback, P D'Antonio, JJ Embrechts, JY Jeon, E Mommertz, ...
Acta Acustica united with ACUSTICA 92 (1), 1-15, 2006
Observation of growth steps, spiral dislocations and molecular packing on the surface of lysozyme crystals with the atomic force microscope
JH Konnert, P D'Antonio, KB Ward
Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography 50 (4), 603-613, 1994
The reflection phase grating diffusor: design theory and application
P D'Antonio, JH Konnert
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 32 (4), 228-238, 1984
Small-angle-scattering evidence of voids in hydrogenated amorphous silicon
P D'Antonio, JH Konnert
Physical Review Letters 43 (16), 1161, 1979
Room sizing and optimization at low frequencies
TJ Cox, P D'Antonio, MR Avis
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 52 (6), 640-651, 2004
Surface diffusion coefficients for room acoustics: Free-field measures
TJ Hargreaves, TJ Cox, YW Lam, P D’Antonio
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 108 (4), 1710-1720, 2000
Diffusor application in rooms
P D'Antonio, TJ Cox
Applied Acoustics 60 (2), 113-142, 2000
Embodiments of aperiodic tiling of a single asymmetric diffusive base shape
P D'antonio, TJ Cox
US Patent 6,772,859, 2004
Electron Diffraction Investigation of Dimethyl Diselenide
P D'Antonio, C George, AH Lowrey, J Karle
The Journal of Chemical Physics 55 (3), 1071-1075, 1971
Powder neutron diffraction study of chemically prepared β-lead dioxide
P D'Antonio, A Santoro
Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Crystallography and Crystal …, 1980
Planar binary amplitude diffusor
P D'antonio
US Patent 5,817,992, 1998
Two decades of sound diffusor design and development, Part 1: Applications and design
P D'Antonio, T Cox
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 46 (11), 955-976, 1998
The QRD diffractal: a new one-or two-dimensional fractal sound diffusor
P D'Antonio, J Konnert
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society 40 (3), 117-129, 1992
Sound absorbing diffusor
P D'antonio, JH Konnert
US Patent 4,821,839, 1989
The RFZ/RPG approach to control room monitoring
P D'Antonio, JH Konnert
Audio Engineering Society Convention 76, 1984
Acoustic absorbers and diffusers, theory, design and application
TJ Cox, P d’Antonio, M Schroeder
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 117 (3), 988-988, 2005
Comparison of radial distribution function for silica glass with those for various bonding topologies: use of correlation function
JH Konnert, P d'Antonio, J Karle
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 53 (1-2), 135-141, 1982
Determination of atomic positions using electron nanodiffraction patterns from overlapping regions: Si [110]
J Konnert, P D'Antonio, JM Cowley, A Higgs, HJ Ou
Ultramicroscopy 30 (3), 371-384, 1989
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