Yu Guang Wang
Yu Guang Wang
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A study on effectiveness of extreme learning machine
Y Wang, F Cao, Y Yuan
Neurocomputing 74 (16), 2483-2490, 2011
Optimization approximation solution for regression problem based on extreme learning machine
Y Yuan, Y Wang, F Cao
Neurocomputing 74 (16), 2475-2482, 2011
An iterative learning algorithm for feedforward neural networks with random weights
F Cao, D Wang, H Zhu, Y Wang
Information Sciences 328, 546-557, 2016
A modified extreme learning machine with sigmoidal activation functions
ZX Chen, HY Zhu, YG Wang
Neural Computing and Applications 22 (3), 541-550, 2013
Covering of spheres by spherical caps and worst-case error for equal weight cubature in Sobolev spaces
JS Brauchart, J Dick, EB Saff, IH Sloan, YG Wang, RS Womersley
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 431 (2), 782-811, 2015
Fully discrete needlet approximation on the sphere
YG Wang, QT Le Gia, IH Sloan, RS Womersley
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 43 (2), 292, 2017
Haar Graph Pooling
YG Wang, M Li, Z Ma, G Montufar, X Zhuang, Y Fan
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Random point sets on the sphere — hole radii, covering, and separation
JS Brauchart, AB Reznikov, EB Saff, IH Sloan, YG Wang, RS Womersley
Experimental Mathematics 27 (1), 62-81, 2018
Fast Haar Transforms for Graph Neural Networks
M Li, Z Ma, YG Wang, X Zhuang
Neural Networks, 2020
Tight framelets and fast framelet filter bank transforms on manifolds
YG Wang, X Zhuang
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 48 (1), 64-95, 2020
On Approximation for Fractional Stochastic Partial Differential Equations on the Sphere
VV Anh, P Broadbridge, A Olenko, YG Wang
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 2018
Filtered polynomial approximation on the sphere
Y Wang
Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 93 (1), 162, 2016
PAN: Path Integral Based Convolution for Deep Graph Neural Networks
Z Ma, M Li, YG Wang
ICML 2019 Workshop on Learning and Reasoning with Graph-Structured …, 2019
Needlet approximation for isotropic random fields on the sphere
QT Le Gia, IH Sloan, YG Wang, RS Womersley
Journal of Approximation Theory 216, 86-116, 2017
Isotropic sparse regularization for spherical harmonic representations of random fields on the sphere
QT Le Gia, IH Sloan, RS Womersley, YG Wang
Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis 49 (1), 257-278, 2020
Tight framelets on graphs for multiscale data analysis
YG Wang, X Zhuang
Proc. SPIE 11138, Wavelets and Sparsity XVIII, 111380B, 2019
MathNet: Haar-Like Wavelet Multiresolution-Analysis for Graph Representation and Learning
X Zheng, B Zhou, M Li, YG Wang, J Gao
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.11202, 2021
Riemann localisation on the sphere
YG Wang, IH Sloan, RS Womersley
Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications 24 (1), 141-183, 2018
Decimated Framelet System on Graphs and Fast G-Framelet Transforms
X Zheng, B Zhou, YG Wang, X Zhuang
arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.06922, 2020
CosmoVAE: Variational Autoencoder for CMB Image Inpainting
K Yi, Y Guo, Y Fan, J Hamann, YG Wang
IJCNN 2020, 2020
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