Sun-Joo Lee
Sun-Joo Lee
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Crystal structures of human DJ-1 and Escherichia coli Hsp31, which share an evolutionarily conserved domain
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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Asymmetric NaCl and KCl Solutions Separated by Phosphatidylcholine Bilayers: Potential Drops and Structural Changes Induced by Strong Na< sup …
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Coronavirus proteins as ion channels: current and potential research
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Structural basis of control of inward rectifier Kir2 channel gating by bulk anionic phospholipids
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Differential mechanisms of Cantú syndrome–associated gain of function mutations in the ABCC9 (SUR2) subunit of the KATP channel
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Simulation of fusion-mediated nanoemulsion interactions with model lipid bilayers
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Under-sulfation by PAPS synthetase inhibition modulates the expression of ECM molecules during chondrogenesis
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Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analyses of CMY-1 and CMY-10, plasmidic class C β-lactamases with extended substrate spectrum
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Function (Oxf) 4 (3), 2023
Subunit gating resulting from individual protonation events in Kir2 channels
G Maksaev, M Bründl-Jirout, A Stary-Weinzinger, EM Zangerl-Plessl, ...
Nature communications 14 (1), 4538, 2023
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