W. Owen Brimijoin
W. Owen Brimijoin
Research Scientist - Reality Labs Research
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The contribution of head movement to the externalization and internalization of sounds
WO Brimijoin, AW Boyd, MA Akeroyd
PloS one 8 (12), e83068, 2013
The role of head movements and signal spectrum in an auditory front/back illusion
WO Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd
i-Perception 3 (3), 179-182, 2012
The moving minimum audible angle is smaller during self motion than during source motion.
WO Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd
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Auditory and visual orienting responses in listeners with and without hearing-impairment
WO Brimijoin, D McShefferty, MA Akeroyd
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Egocentric and allocentric representations in auditory cortex
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The effect of hearing aid microphone mode on performance in an auditory orienting task
WO Brimijoin, WM Whitmer, D McShefferty, MA Akeroyd
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Undirected head movements of listeners with asymmetrical hearing impairment during a speech-in-noise task
WO Brimijoin, D McShefferty, MA Akeroyd
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Speech, movement, and gaze behaviours during dyadic conversation in noise
LV Hadley, WO Brimijoin, WM Whitmer
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On the prediction of sweep rate and directional selectivity for FM sounds from two-tone interactions in the inferior colliculus
WO Brimijoin, WE O'Neill
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Directional selectivity for FM sweeps in the suprageniculate nucleus of the mustached bat medial geniculate body
WE O'Neill, WO Brimijoin
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Influence of Microphone Housing on the Directional Response of Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones Inspired by Ormia Ochracea
R Bauer, Y Zhang, JC Jackson, WM Whitmer, WO Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd, ...
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Patterned tone sequences reveal non-linear interactions in auditory spectrotemporal receptive fields in the inferior colliculus
WO Brimijoin, WE O’Neill
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Psychophysical evidence for auditory motion parallax
D Genzel, M Schutte, WO Brimijoin, PR MacNeilage, L Wiegrebe
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Real-time estimation of horizontal gaze angle by saccade integration using in-ear electrooculography
Ľ Hládek, B Porr, WO Brimijoin
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Auditory compensation for head rotation is incomplete.
TCA Freeman, JF Culling, MA Akeroyd, WO Brimijoin
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 43 (2), 371, 2017
Flexible binaural resynthesis of room impulse responses for augmented reality research
SVA Garí, WO Brimijoin, HG Hassager, PW Robinson
EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing Symposium, 161-166, 2019
The effects of hearing impairment, age, and hearing aids on the use of self-motion for determining front/back location
WO Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd
Journal of the American Academy of Audiology 27 (07), 588-600, 2016
Improved estimation of direction of arrival of sound sources for hearing aids using gyroscopic information
AW Boyd, WM Whitmer, WO Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics ICA2013 19 (1), 030046, 2013
The internal representation of vowel spectra investigated using behavioral response-triggered averaging
W Owen Brimijoin, MA Akeroyd, E Tilbury, B Porr
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 133 (2), EL118-EL122, 2013
Biomimetic direction of arrival estimation for resolving front-back confusions in hearing aids
AW Archer-Boyd, WM Whitmer, WO Brimijoin, JJ Soraghan
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 137 (5), EL360-EL366, 2015
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