Mohammed Abouheaf
Mohammed Abouheaf
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada
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Multi-agent discrete-time graphical games and reinforcement learning solutions
MI Abouheaf, FL Lewis, KG Vamvoudakis, S Haesaert, R Babuska
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MI Abouheaf, FL Lewis
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Model-Free Gradient-Based Adaptive Learning Controller for an Unmanned Flexible Wing Aircraft
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A self-adjusting adaptive avr-lfc scheme for synchronous generators
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Online policy iteration solution for dynamic graphical games
MI Abouheaf, MS Mahmoud
2016 13th International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals & Devices (SSD …, 2016
Q-Learning with Eligibility Traces to solve Non-Convex economic dispatch problems
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Reinforcement learning control approach for autonomous microgrids
MS Mahmoud, M Abouheaf, A Sharaf
International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 1-10, 2019
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