Haiyan Wang
Haiyan Wang
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Strongly enhanced current densities in superconducting coated conductors of YBa2Cu3O7–x+ BaZrO3
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Polymer-assisted deposition of metal-oxide films
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X Zhang, A Misra, H Wang, M Nastasi, JD Embury, TE Mitchell, ...
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X Zhang, H Wang, XH Chen, L Lu, K Lu, RG Hoagland, A Misra
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Overcoming the barrier to 1000 A/cm width superconducting coatings
SR Foltyn, H Wang, L Civale, QX Jia, PN Arendt, B Maiorov, Y Li, ...
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Thick lead-free ferroelectric films with high Curie temperatures through nanocomposite-induced strain
SA Harrington, J Zhai, S Denev, V Gopalan, H Wang, Z Bi, SAT Redfern, ...
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Epitaxial nanotwinned Cu films with high strength and high conductivity
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Mechanical properties of highly textured Cu/Ni multilayers
Y Liu, D Bufford, H Wang, C Sun, X Zhang
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Rectifying current-voltage characteristics of BiFeO3/Nb-doped SrTiO3 heterojunction
H Yang, HM Luo, H Wang, IO Usov, NA Suvorova, M Jain, DM Feldmann, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (10), 102113-102500, 2008
Tunable Low‐Field Magnetoresistance in (La0. 7Sr0. 3MnO3) 0.5:(ZnO) 0.5 Self‐Assembled Vertically Aligned Nanocomposite Thin Films
A Chen, Z Bi, CF Tsai, JH Lee, Q Su, X Zhang, Q Jia, ...
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Interface enabled defects reduction in helium ion irradiated Cu/V nanolayers
EG Fu, A Misra, H Wang, L Shao, X Zhang
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Structural, electrical, and terahertz transmission properties of VO2 thin films grown on c-, r-, and m-plane sapphire substrates
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Mechanical properties of sputtered Cu/V and Al/Nb multilayer films
EG Fu, N Li, A Misra, RG Hoagland, H Wang, X Zhang
Materials Science and Engineering: A 493 (1), 283-287, 2008
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