Seung Ah Lee
Seung Ah Lee
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Guided and fluidic self-assembly of microstructures using railed microfluidic channels
SE Chung, W Park, S Shin, SA Lee, S Kwon
Nature materials 7 (7), 581-587, 2008
The ePetri dish, an on-chip cell imaging platform based on subpixel perspective sweeping microscopy (SPSM)
G Zheng, SA Lee, Y Antebi, MB Elowitz, C Yang
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (41), 16889-16894, 2011
Sub-pixel resolving optofluidic microscope for on-chip cell imaging
G Zheng, SA Lee, S Yang, C Yang
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A smartphone-based chip-scale microscope using ambient illumination
SA Lee, C Yang
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Three-dimensional fabrication of heterogeneous microstructures using soft membrane deformation and optofluidic maskless lithography
SA Lee, SE Chung, W Park, SH Lee, S Kwon
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Color capable sub-pixel resolving optofluidic microscope and its application to blood cell imaging for malaria diagnosis
SA Lee, R Leitao, G Zheng, S Yang, A Rodriguez, C Yang
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LudusScope: Accessible Interactive Smartphone Microscopy for Life-Science Education
H Kim, LC Gerber, D Chiu, SA Lee, NJ Cira, SY Xia, IH Riedel-Kruse
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On-chip continuous monitoring of motile microorganisms on an ePetri platform
SA Lee, G Zheng, N Mukherjee, C Yang
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Methods for rapid distinction between debris and growing cells
B Judkewitz, G Zheng, S Yang, SA Lee, S Pang, C Yang, YM Wang
US Patent 9,569,664, 2017
Super resolution optofluidic microscopes for 2D and 3D imaging
G Zheng, C Yang, S Yang, SA Lee
US Patent 9,743,020, 2017
e-Petri dishes, devices, and systems having a light detector for sampling a sequence of sub-pixel shifted projection images
G Zheng, S Yang, SA Lee, S Pang, C Yang
US Patent 9,643,184, 2017
Imaging and identification of waterborne parasites using a chip-scale microscope
SA Lee, J Erath, G Zheng, X Ou, P Willems, D Eichinger, A Rodriguez, ...
PloS one 9 (2), e89712, 2014
Scanning projective lensless microscope system
G Zheng, S Yang, SA Lee, C Yang
US Patent 9,426,429, 2016
Chip-scale fluorescence microscope based on a silo-filter complementary metal-oxide semiconductor image sensor
SA Lee, X Ou, JE Lee, C Yang
Optics letters 38 (11), 1817-1819, 2013
Microfluidic-integrated laser-controlled microactuators with on-chip microscopy imaging functionality
JH Jung, C Han, SA Lee, J Kim, C Yang
Lab on a Chip 14 (19), 3781-3789, 2014
Trap it!: A Playful Human-Biology Interaction for a Museum Installation
SA Lee, E Bumbacher, AM Chung, N Cira, B Walker, JY Park, B Starr, ...
Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing …, 2015
Surface Plasmon Localization-Based Super-resolved Raman Microscopy
H Lee, K Kang, K Mochizuki, C Lee, KA Toh, SA Lee, K Fujita, D Kim
Nano letters 20 (12), 8951-8958, 2020
Device and programming abstractions for spatiotemporal control of active micro-particle swarms
AT Lam, KG Samuel-Gama, J Griffin, M Loeun, LC Gerber, Z Hossain, ...
Lab on a Chip 17 (8), 1442-1451, 2017
Optofluidic encapsulation and manipulation of silicon microchips using image processing based optofluidic maskless lithography and railed microfluidics
SE Chung, SA Lee, J Kim, S Kwon
Lab on a Chip 9 (19), 2845-2850, 2009
A Smartphone-Based Fourier Ptychographic Microscope Using the Display Screen for Illumination
KC Lee, K Lee, J Jung, SH Lee, D Kim, SA Lee
ACS Photonics 8 (5), 1307-1315, 2021
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