Kevin Jamieson
Kevin Jamieson
Associate Professor, University of Washington
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Hyperband: A novel bandit-based approach to hyperparameter optimization
L Li, K Jamieson, G DeSalvo, A Rostamizadeh, A Talwalkar
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Non-stochastic best arm identification and hyperparameter optimization
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A system for massively parallel hyperparameter tuning
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lil’ucb: An optimal exploration algorithm for multi-armed bandits
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Active ranking using pairwise comparisons
KG Jamieson, R Nowak
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Best-arm identification algorithms for multi-armed bandits in the fixed confidence setting
K Jamieson, R Nowak
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Query complexity of derivative-free optimization
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Hyperband: Bandit-based configuration evaluation for hyperparameter optimization.
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Non-asymptotic gap-dependent regret bounds for tabular mdps
M Simchowitz, KG Jamieson
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Sequential experimental design for transductive linear bandits
T Fiez, L Jain, KG Jamieson, L Ratliff
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Low-dimensional embedding using adaptively selected ordinal data
KG Jamieson, RD Nowak
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Top arm identification in multi-armed bandits with batch arm pulls
KS Jun, K Jamieson, R Nowak, X Zhu
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Comparing human-centric and robot-centric sampling for robot deep learning from demonstrations
M Laskey, C Chuck, J Lee, J Mahler, S Krishnan, K Jamieson, A Dragan, ...
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Next: A system for real-world development, evaluation, and application of active learning
KG Jamieson, L Jain, C Fernandez, NJ Glattard, R Nowak
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The simulator: Understanding adaptive sampling in the moderate-confidence regime
M Simchowitz, K Jamieson, B Recht
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A framework for multi-a (rmed)/b (andit) testing with online fdr control
F Yang, A Ramdas, KG Jamieson, MJ Wainwright
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Finite sample prediction and recovery bounds for ordinal embedding
L Jain, KG Jamieson, R Nowak
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Sparse dueling bandits
K Jamieson, S Katariya, A Deshpande, R Nowak
Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 416-424, 2015
An empirical process approach to the union bound: Practical algorithms for combinatorial and linear bandits
J Katz-Samuels, L Jain, KG Jamieson
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 33, 10371-10382, 2020
Reward-free rl is no harder than reward-aware rl in linear markov decision processes
AJ Wagenmaker, Y Chen, M Simchowitz, S Du, K Jamieson
International Conference on Machine Learning, 22430-22456, 2022
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