Steven Boivie
Steven Boivie
Management Department, Texas A&M
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Sorting things out: Valuation of new firms in uncertain markets
WG Sanders, S Boivie
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Burr under the saddle: How media coverage influences strategic change
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JR Busenbark, R Krause, S Boivie, SD Graffin
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D Lange, S Boivie, AD Henderson
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S Boivie, MK Bednar, SB Barker
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Predicting organizational identification at the CEO level
D Lange, S Boivie, JD Westphal
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S Boivie, SD Graffin, RJ Gentry
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Come aboard! Exploring the effects of directorships in the executive labor market
S Boivie, SD Graffin, AG Oliver, MC Withers
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Measuring CEO personality: Developing, validating, and testing a linguistic tool
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Founder CEO Succession: The Role of CEO Organizational Identification
JM Lee, D Yoon, S Boivie
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Perception Is Reality: How CEOs’ Observed Personality Influences Market Perceptions of Firm Risk and Shareholder Returns
J Harrison, GR Thurgood, S Boivie, M Pfarrer
Academy of Management Journal, 2019
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