Steve Collins
Steve Collins
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Efficient bipedal robots based on passive-dynamic walkers
S Collins, A Ruina, R Tedrake, M Wisse
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A three-dimensional passive-dynamic walking robot with two legs and knees
SH Collins, M Wisse, A Ruina
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JE Pratt, BT Krupp, CJ Morse, SH Collins
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Reducing the energy cost of human walking using an unpowered exoskeleton
SH Collins, MB Wiggin, GS Sawicki
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A bipedal walking robot with efficient and human-like gait
SH Collins, A Ruina
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Human-in-the-loop optimization of exoskeleton assistance during walking
J Zhang, P Fiers, KA Witte, RW Jackson, KL Poggensee, CG Atkeson, ...
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Dynamic arm swinging in human walking
SH Collins, PG Adamczyk, AD Kuo
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The advantages of a rolling foot in human walking
PG Adamczyk, SH Collins, AD Kuo
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Combating COVID-19—The role of robotics in managing public health and infectious diseases
GZ Yang, B J. Nelson, RR Murphy, H Choset, H Christensen, S H. Collins, ...
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Recycling energy to restore impaired ankle function during human walking
SH Collins, AD Kuo
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A universal ankle–foot prosthesis emulator for human locomotion experiments
JM Caputo, SH Collins
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DC Morgenroth, AD Segal, KE Zelik, JM Czerniecki, GK Klute, ...
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An experimental comparison of the relative benefits of work and torque assistance in ankle exoskeletons
RW Jackson, SH Collins
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The effect of ankle foot orthosis stiffness on the energy cost of walking: a simulation study
DJJ Bregman, MM Van der Krogt, V De Groot, J Harlaar, M Wisse, ...
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MB Wiggin, GS Sawicki, SH Collins
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A simple method for calibrating force plates and force treadmills using an instrumented pole
SH Collins, PG Adamczyk, DP Ferris, AD Kuo
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Reducing the metabolic cost of walking with an ankle exoskeleton: interaction between actuation timing and power
S Galle, P Malcolm, SH Collins, D De Clercq
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The effects of a controlled energy storage and return prototype prosthetic foot on transtibial amputee ambulation
AD Segal, KE Zelik, GK Klute, DC Morgenroth, ME Hahn, MS Orendurff, ...
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Design of two lightweight, high-bandwidth torque-controlled ankle exoskeletons
KA Witte, J Zhang, RW Jackson, SH Collins
2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 1223-1228, 2015
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