Mélanie Douziech
Mélanie Douziech
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Quantifying variability in removal efficiencies of chemicals in activated sludge wastewater treatment plants–a meta-analytical approach
M Douziech, IR Conesa, A Benítez-López, A Franco, M Huijbregts, ...
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 20 (1), 171-182, 2018
Are wave and tidal energy plants new green technologies?
M Douziech, S Hellweg, F Verones
Environmental science & technology 50 (14), 7870-7878, 2016
Definition of LCA guidelines in the geothermal sector to enhance result comparability
ML Parisi, M Douziech, L Tosti, P Pérez-López, B Mendecka, S Ulgiati, ...
Energies 13 (14), 3534, 2020
Ecotoxicity characterization of chemicals: global recommendations and implementation in USEtox
M Owsianiak, MZ Hauschild, L Posthuma, E Saouter, MG Vijver, ...
Chemosphere 310, 136807, 2023
Confronting variability with uncertainty in the ecotoxicological impact assessement of down-the-drain products
MAJH Mélanie Douziech, Rik Oldenkamp, Rosalie van Zelm, Henry King, A. Jan ...
Environment International 126, 37-45, 2019
How Far Can Life Cycle Assessment Be Simplified? A protocol to generate simple and accurate models for the assessment of energy systems and its application to heat production …
M Douziech, G Ravier, R Jolivet, P Pérez-López, I Blanc
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (11), 7571-7582, 2021
lca_algebraic: a library bringing symbolic calculus to LCA for comprehensive sensitivity analysis
R Jolivet, J Clavreul, R Brière, R Besseau, A Prieur Vernat, M Sauze, ...
The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 26, 2457-2471, 2021
Applying harmonised geothermal life cycle assessment guidelines to the rittershoffen geothermal heat plant
M Douziech, L Tosti, N Ferrara, ML Parisi, P Perez-Lopez, G Ravier
Energies 14 (13), 3820, 2021
First Version of Harmonized Guidelines to Perform Environmental Assessment for Geothermal Systems Based on LCA and non LCA Impact Indicators: LCA Guidlines for Geothermal …
I Blanc, L Damen, M Douziech, D Fiaschi, G Manfrida, ML Parisi, ...
European Project GEOENVI Task D 3, 2020
Reliable and representative in silico predictions of freshwater ecotoxicological hazardous concentrations
M Douziech, AMJ Ragas, R van Zelm, R Oldenkamp, AJ Hendriks, H King, ...
Environment international 134, 105334, 2020
Mean species abundance as a measure of ecotoxicological risk
S Hoeks, MAJ Huijbregts, M Douziech, AJ Hendriks, R Oldenkamp
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 39 (11), 2304-2313, 2020
Estimation of chemical emissions from down-the-drain consumer products using consumer survey data at country and wastewater treatment plant level
MAJH M Douziech, R van Zelm, R Oldenkamp, A Franco, A. J Hendriks, H King
Chemosphere 193, 32-41, 2018
Menstrual products: A comparable Life Cycle Assessment
S Fourcassier, M Douziech, P Pérez-López, L Schiebinger
Cleaner Environmental Systems 7, 100096, 2022
A regression-based model to predict chemical migration from packaging to food
M Douziech, A Benítez-López, A Ernstoff, C Askham, AJ Hendriks, H King, ...
Journal of exposure science & environmental epidemiology 30 (3), 469-477, 2020
LCA guidelines for geothermal installations
I Blanc, L Damen, M Douziech, D Fiaschi, V Harcouët-Menou, G Manfrida, ...
GEOENVI Project 818242, 2020
Simplified parameterized models for a multi-criteria environmental impact assessment of four types of geothermal installations
M Douziech, G Ravier, N Ferrara, L Damen, HA Sigurjonsson, ...
World Geothermal Congress 2020+ 1, 2021
Generation of simplified parametrised models for a selection of GEOENVI geothermal installations categories
M Douziech, I Blanc, L Damen, K Dillman, V Eggertsson, N Ferrara, ...
GEOENVI Project 818242, 2020
An open‐source parameterized life cycle model to assess the environmental performance of silicon‐based photovoltaic systems
R Besseau, S Tannous, M Douziech, R Jolivet, A Prieur‐Vernat, ...
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2023
Incer-ACV project. Uncertainties in life-cycle environmental impact assessment methods of energy production technologies. Final report
P Perez-Lopez, R Jolivet, I Blanc, R Besseau, M Douziech, B Gschwind, ...
Environmental Assessment of GEOENVI Case Studies: A Selection of GEOENVI Case Studies Following the Harmonized LCA Guidelines
L Tosti, N Ferrara, I Blanc, M Douziech, D Fiaschi, G Manfrida, ...
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