Frédérik Saltré
Frédérik Saltré
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Climate refugia: joint inference from fossil records, species distribution models and phylogeography
DG Gavin, MC Fitzpatrick, PF Gugger, KD Heath, F Rodríguez‐Sánchez, ...
New Phytologist 204 (1), 37-54, 2014
Climate change not to blame for late Quaternary megafauna extinctions in Australia
F Saltré, M Rodríguez-Rey, BW Brook, CN Johnson, CSM Turney, J Alroy, ...
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PaleoView: a tool for generating continuous climate projections spanning the last 21 000 years at regional and global scales
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Modelling range dynamics under global change: which framework and why?
M Lurgi, BW Brook, F Saltre, DA Fordham
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How climate, migration ability and habitat fragmentation affect the projected future distribution of European beech
F Saltré, A Duputié, C Gaucherel, I Chuine
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Climate or migration: what limited European beech post‐glacial colonization?
F Saltré, R Saint‐Amant, ES Gritti, S Brewer, C Gaucherel, BAS Davis, ...
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Uncertainties in dating constrain model choice for inferring extinction time from fossil records
F Saltré, BW Brook, M Rodríguez-Rey, A Cooper, CN Johnson, ...
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What caused extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna of Sahul?
CN Johnson, J Alroy, NJ Beeton, MI Bird, BW Brook, A Cooper, ...
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Predicting and mitigating future biodiversity loss using long-term ecological proxies
DA Fordham, HR Akçakaya, J Alroy, F Saltré, TML Wigley, BW Brook
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Early human settlement of Sahul was not an accident
MI Bird, SA Condie, S O'Connor, D O'Grady, C Reepmeyer, S Ulm, ...
Scientific Reports, in press, 2019
Criteria for assessing the quality of Middle Pleistocene to Holocene vertebrate fossil ages
M Rodríguez-Rey, S Herrando-Pérez, R Gillespie, Z Jacobs, F Saltré, ...
Quaternary Geochronology 30, 69-79, 2015
High-quality fossil dates support a synchronous, Late Holocene extinction of devils and thylacines in mainland Australia
LC White, F Saltré, CJA Bradshaw, JJ Austin
Biology Letters 14 (20170642), 2018
Minimum founding populations for the first peopling of Sahul
CJA Bradshaw, S Ulm, AN Williams, MI Bird, RG Roberts, Z Jacobs, ...
Nature Ecology and Evolution, in press, 2019
Why decadal to century timescale palaeoclimate data are needed to explain present‐day patterns of biological diversity and change
DA Fordham, F Saltré, SC Brown, C Mellin, TML Wigley
Global change biology 24, 1371-1381, 2018
Where to dig for fossils: combining climate-envelope, taphonomy and discovery models
S Block, F Saltré, M Rodríguez-Rey, DA Fordham, I Unkel, CJA Bradshaw
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A phenomenological model without dispersal kernel to model species migration
F Saltré, I Chuine, S Brewer, C Gaucherel
Ecological modelling 220 (24), 3546-3554, 2009
A comprehensive database of quality-rated fossil ages for Sahul’s Quaternary vertebrates
M Rodríguez-Rey, S Herrando-Pérez, BW Brook, F Saltré, J Alroy, ...
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Climate-driven shifts in the distribution of koala browse species from the Last Interglacial to the near future
F Shabani, M Ahmadi, Peters, KJ Peters, S Haberle, A Champreux, ...
Ecography, doi:10.1111/ecog.04530, 2019
Modeling the distribution of a wide‐ranging invasive species using the sampling efforts of expert and citizen scientists
E Roy‐Dufresne, F Saltré, BD Cooke, C Mellin, G Mutze, T Cox, ...
Ecology and evolution 9 (19), 11053-11063, 2019
The role of temperature on treeline migration for an eastern African mountain during the Last Glacial Maximum
F Saltré, I Bentaleb, C Favier, D Jolly
Climatic change 118 (3-4), 901-918, 2013
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