Alessio Viticchié
Alessio Viticchié
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Assessment of source code obfuscation techniques
A Viticchié, L Regano, M Torchiano, C Basile, M Ceccato, P Tonella, ...
2016 IEEE 16th international working conference on source code analysis and …, 2016
Reactive attestation: Automatic detection and reaction to software tampering attacks
A Viticchié, C Basile, A Avancini, M Ceccato, B Abrath, B Coppens
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM workshop on software PROtection, 73-84, 2016
Estimating software obfuscation potency with artificial neural networks
D Canavese, L Regano, C Basile, A Viticchié
International workshop on security and trust management, 193-202, 2017
Privacy issues of isps in the modern web
AS Khatouni, M Trevisan, L Regano, A Viticchié
2017 8th IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile …, 2017
Towards automatic risk analysis and mitigation of software applications
L Regano, D Canavese, C Basile, A Viticchié, A Lioy
IFIP International Conference on Information Security Theory and Practice …, 2016
Empirical assessment of the effort needed to attack programs protected with client/server code splitting
A Viticchie, L Regano, C Basile, M Torchiano, M Ceccato, P Tonella
Empirical Software Engineering 25 (1), 1-48, 2020
Remotely assessing integrity of software applications by monitoring invariants: Present limitations and future directions
A Viticchié, C Basile, A Lioy
International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems, 66-82, 2017
On the impossibility of effectively using likely-invariants for software attestation purposes.
A Viticchié, C Basile, F Valenza, A Lioy
J. Wirel. Mob. Networks Ubiquitous Comput. Dependable Appl. 9 (2), 1-25, 2018
Privacy issues of ISPs in the modern web
MT Trevisan, ASK Khatouni, AV Viticchié, LR Regano
On the applicability of software attestation techniques to embedded systems.
C Basile, A Lioy, A Viticchie, M Zudettich
Software Attestation with Static and Dynamic Techniques
A Viticchié
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