Ilkka Hannula
Ilkka Hannula
Senior Energy Analyst, IEA
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Liquid transportation fuels via large-scale fluidised-bed gasification of lignocellulosic biomass
I Hannula, E Kurkela
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2013
Co-production of synthetic fuels and district heat from biomass residues, carbon dioxide and electricity: Performance and cost analysis
I Hannula
Biomass and Bioenergy 74, 26-46, 2015
A parametric modelling study for pressurised steam/O2-blown fluidised-bed gasification of wood with catalytic reforming
I Hannula, E Kurkela
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A semi-empirical model for pressurised air-blown fluidised-bed gasification of biomass
I Hannula, E Kurkela
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Hydrogen enhancement potential of synthetic biofuels manufacture in the European context: A techno-economic assessment
I Hannula
Energy 104, 199-212, 2016
Clean syngas from biomass—process development and concept assessment
P Simell, I Hannula, S Tuomi, M Nieminen, E Kurkela, I Hiltunen, ...
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Modelling super-equilibrium in biomass gasification with the constrained Gibbs energy method
P Kangas, I Hannula, P Koukkari, M Hupa
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Light olefins and transport fuels from biomass residues via synthetic methanol: performance and cost analysis
I Hannula, V Arpiainen
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GHG emission balances and prospects of hydrogen enhanced synthetic biofuels from solid biomass in the European context
K Koponen, I Hannula
Applied Energy 200, 106-118, 2017
Near-term potential of biofuels, electrofuels, and battery electric vehicles in decarbonizing road transport
I Hannula, DM Reiner
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Reforming solutions for biomass-derived gasification gas–Experimental results and concept assessment
N Kaisalo, J Kihlman, I Hannula, P Simell
fuel 147, 208-220, 2015
Hydrogen production via thermal gasification of biomass in near-to-medium term
I Hannula
Espoo: VTT, 2009
Energy, environmental, and economic analyses of design concepts for the co-production of fuels and chemicals with electricity via co-gasification of coal and biomass
E Larson, R Williams, T Kreutz, I Hannula, A Lanzini, G Liu
The Trustees Of Princeton University, 2012
High efficiency biomass to power operation experiences and economical aspects of the novel gasification process
I Hannula, P Simell, E Kurkela, P Luoma, K Lappi, I Haavisto
Hydrogen enhanced biofuels for transport via fast pyrolysis of biomass: A conceptual assessment
K Onarheim, I Hannula, Y Solantausta
Energy 199, 117337, 2020
Synthetic fuels and light olefins from biomass residues, carbon dioxide and electricity
I Hannula
Espoo: VTT. Julkaisu: VTT Science 107, 2015
Synthetic fuels and light olefins from biomass residues, carbon dioxide and electricity: Performance and cost analysis
I Hannula
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2015
Bioenergy RES hybrids− assessment of status in Finland, Austria, Germany, and Denmark
E Hakkarainen, I Hannula, E Vakkilainen
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 13 (6), 1402-1416, 2019
The Carbon Reuse Economy: Transforming CO2 from a pollutant into a resource
J Lehtonen, V Järnefelt, S Alakurtti, A Arasto, I Hannula, A Harlin, ...
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2019
Carbon Capture and Utilization (The Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization in Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Future
K Onarheim, A Arasto, I Hannula, J Kärki, J Lehtonen, P Vainikka
Discussion Paper, 2016
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