Hugues Meyer
Hugues Meyer
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Percolation in suspensions of polydisperse hard rods: quasi universality and finite-size effects
H Meyer, P Van der Schoot, T Schilling
The Journal of chemical physics 143 (4), 044901, 2015
On the non-stationary generalized Langevin equation
H Meyer, T Voigtmann, T Schilling
The Journal of chemical physics 147 (21), 214110, 2017
Non-Markovian out-of-equilibrium dynamics: A general numerical procedure to construct time-dependent memory kernels for coarse-grained observables
H Meyer, P Pelagejcev, T Schilling
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 128 (4), 40001, 2020
On the dynamics of reaction coordinates in classical, time-dependent, many-body processes
H Meyer, T Voigtmann, T Schilling
The Journal of chemical physics 150 (17), 174118, 2019
Memory effects in the Fermi–Pasta–Ulam model
G Amati, H Meyer, T Schilling
Journal of Statistical Physics 174 (1), 219-257, 2019
Connectivity percolation in suspensions of attractive square-well spherocylinders
M Dixit, H Meyer, T Schilling
Physical Review E 93 (1), 012116, 2016
Derivation of an exact, nonequilibrium framework for nucleation: Nucleation is a priori neither diffusive nor Markovian
A Kuhnhold, H Meyer, G Amati, P Pelagejcev, T Schilling
Physical Review E 100 (5), 052140, 2019
A Numerical Procedure to Evaluate Memory Effects in Non‐Equilibrium Coarse‐Grained Models
H Meyer, S Wolf, G Stock, T Schilling
Advanced Theory and Simulations, 2000197, 2020
In Percolation in Collidal Model Systems
T Schilling, P van der Schoot, M Miller, M Dixit, H Meyer
Proceedings of the XXVII IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics, Guwahati …, 2015
Evaluation of memory effects at phase transitions and during relaxation processes
H Meyer, F Glatzel, W Wöhler, T Schilling
Physical Review E 103 (2), 022102, 2021
Generalized Langevin equations and memory effects in non-equilibrium statistical physics
H Meyer
University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, 2020
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