Deepika Lakshmi Ramasamy
Deepika Lakshmi Ramasamy
Postdoc, Université Libre de Bruxelles
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Understanding the factors affecting the adsorption of Lanthanum using different adsorbents: a critical review
S Iftekhar, DL Ramasamy, V Srivastava, MB Asif, M Sillanpää
Chemosphere 204, 413-430, 2018
Degradation and mineralization of phenol in aqueous medium by heterogeneous monopersulfate activation on nanostructured cobalt based-perovskite catalysts ACoO3 (A = La, Ba, Sr …
MS Samia Ben Hammouda , Feiping Zhao, Zahra Safaei, Varsha Srivastava ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 215, 60–73, 2017
Sulfate radical-mediated degradation and mineralization of bisphenol F in neutral medium by the novel magnetic Sr2CoFeO6 double perovskite oxide catalyzed peroxymonosulfate …
S Ben Hammouda, F Zhao, Z Safaei, DL Ramasamy, B Doshi, ...
Applied Catalysis B : Enivironmental 233, 99-111, 2018
Chemically immobilized and physically adsorbed PAN/acetylacetone modified mesoporous silica for the recovery of rare earth elements from the waste water-comparative and …
DL Ramasamy, E Repo, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Water research 114, 264-276, 2017
Reactivity of novel Ceria–Perovskite composites CeO2-LaMO3 (MCu, Fe) in the catalytic wet peroxidative oxidation of the new emergent pollutant ‘Bisphenol F’: Characterization …
SB Hammouda, F Zhao, Z Safaei, I Babu, DL Ramasamy, M Sillanpää
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 218, 119-136, 2017
Synthesis of mesoporous and microporous amine and non-amine functionalized silica gels for the application of rare earth elements (REE) recovery from the waste water …
DL Ramasamy, S Khan, E Repo, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 322, 56-65, 2017
N-and O-ligand doped mesoporous silica-chitosan hybrid beads for the efficient, sustainable and selective recovery of rare earth elements (REE) from acid mine drainage (AMD …
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, S Iftekhar, A Wojtuś, E Repo, SB Hammouda, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 348, 84-91, 2018
Ligand immobilized novel hybrid adsorbents for rare earth elements (REE) removal from waste water: assessing the feasibility of using APTES functionalized silica in the …
DL Ramasamy, A Wojtuś, E Repo, S Kalliola, V Srivastava, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 330, 1370-1379, 2017
Exceptional Water Desalination Performance with Anion‐Selective Electrodes
AC Arulrajan, DL Ramasamy, M Sillanpää, A van der Wal, PM Biesheuvel, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (10), 1806937, 2019
Fabrication of carbon nanotubes reinforced silica composites with improved rare earth elements adsorption performance
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, B Doshi, S Iftekhar, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 365, 291-304, 2019
Efficient heterogeneous electro -Fenton incineration of a contaminant of emergent concern-cotinine- in aqueous medium using the magnetic double perovskite oxide Sr2FeCuO6 as a …
S Ben Hammouda, C Salazar, F Zhao, DL Ramasamy, E Iaklova, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 240, 201-214, 2019
Two-stage selective recovery process of scandium from the group of rare earth elements in aqueous systems using activated carbon and silica composites: Dual applications by …
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, E Repo, SB Hammouda, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 341, 351-360, 2018
Nitrate removal and recovery by capacitive deionization (CDI)
O Pastushok, F Zhao, DL Ramasamy, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 375, 121943, 2019
Marine algae: A promising resource for the selective recovery of scandium and rare earth elements from aqueous systems
DL Ramasamy, S Porada, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 371, 759-768, 2019
Coordination and silica surface chemistry of lanthanides (III), scandium (III) and yttrium (III) sorption on 1-(2-pyridylazo)-2-napththol (PAN) and acetylacetone (acac …
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, E Repo, S Khan, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 324, 104-112, 2017
Selective separation of scandium from iron, aluminium and gold rich wastewater using various amino and non-amino functionalized silica gels–A comparative study
DL Ramasamy, V Puhakka, E Repo, M Sillanpää
Journal of cleaner production 170, 890-901, 2018
A novel approach for synthesis of exfoliated biopolymeric-LDH hybrid nanocomposites via in-stiu coprecipitation with gum Arabic: Application towards REEs recovery
S Iftekhar, V Srivastava, DL Ramasamy, WA Naseer, M Sillanpää
Chemical Engineering Journal 347, 398-406, 2018
An analysis of the versatility and effectiveness of composts for sequestering heavy metal ions, dyes and xenobiotics from soils and aqueous milieus
A Mudhoo, DL Ramasamy, A Bhatnagar, M Usman, M Sillanpää
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 197, 110587, 2020
Application of a novel biochar adsorbent and membrane to the selective separation of phosphate from phosphate-rich wastewaters
R Mohammadi, M Hezarjaribi, DL Ramasamy, M Sillanpää, A Pihlajamäki
Chemical Engineering Journal 407, 126494, 2021
S. kalliola, M. Sillanpää
SB Hammouda, F Zhao, Z Safaei, V Srivastava, DL Ramasamy, S Iftekhar
Appl. Catal., B 215, 60-73, 2017
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