George Bullerjahn
George Bullerjahn
Professor of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University
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Global solutions to regional problems: Collecting global expertise to address the problem of harmful cyanobacterial blooms. A Lake Erie case study
GS Bullerjahn, RM McKay, TW Davis, DB Baker, GL Boyer, LV D’Anglada, ...
Harmful algae 54, 223-238, 2016
Effects of Increasing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations on Phytoplankton Community Growth and Toxicity During Planktothrix Blooms in Sandusky Bay …
TW Davis, GS Bullerjahn, T Tuttle, RM McKay, SB Watson
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Ecophysiological Examination of the Lake Erie Microcystis Bloom in 2014: Linkages between Biology and the Water Supply Shutdown of Toledo, OH
MM Steffen, TW Davis, RML McKay, GS Bullerjahn, LE Krausfeldt, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (12), 6745-6755, 2017
Ecophysiological characterization of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria from freshwater
E French, JA Kozlowski, M Mukherjee, G Bullerjahn, A Bollmann
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Diatoms abound in ice-covered Lake Erie: An investigation of offshore winter limnology in Lake Erie over the period 2007 to 2010
MR Twiss, RML McKay, RA Bourbonniere, GS Bullerjahn, HJ Carrick, ...
Journal of Great Lakes Research 38 (1), 18-30, 2012
The DpsA Protein of Synechococcus sp. Strain PCC7942 Is a DNA-binding Hemoprotein: LINKAGE OF THE Dps AND BACTERIOFERRITIN PROTEIN FAMILIES (∗)
MMO Pena, GS Bullerjahn
Journal of Biological Chemistry 270 (38), 22478-22482, 1995
Actinorhodopsin genes discovered in diverse freshwater habitats and among cultivated freshwater Actinobacteria
AK Sharma, K Sommerfeld, GS Bullerjahn, AR Matteson, SW Wilhelm, ...
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Detection and expression of the phosphonate transporter gene phnD in marine and freshwater picocyanobacteria
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Increasing stoichiometric imbalance in North America's largest lake: nitrification in Lake Superior
RW Sterner, E Anagnostou, S Brovold, GS Bullerjahn, JC Finlay, S Kumar, ...
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Lake Superior supports novel clusters of cyanobacterial picoplankton
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Abundance and diversity of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in sediments of trophic end members of the Laurentian Great Lakes, Erie and Superior
A Bollmann, GS Bullerjahn, RM McKay
PLoS One 9 (5), e97068, 2014
Seasonal changes in microbial community structure and activity imply winter production is linked to summer hypoxia in a large lake
SW Wilhelm, GR LeCleir, GS Bullerjahn, RM McKay, MA Saxton, ...
FEMS microbiology ecology 87 (2), 475-485, 2014
Rates and controls of nitrification in a large oligotrophic lake
GE Small, GS Bullerjahn, RW Sterner, BFN Beall, S Brovold, JC Finlay, ...
Limnology and oceanography 58 (1), 276-286, 2013
Ice cover extent drives phytoplankton and bacterial community structure in a large north‐temperate lake: implications for a warming climate
BFN Beall, MR Twiss, DE Smith, BO Oyserman, MJ Rozmarynowycz, ...
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The Complicated and Confusing Ecology of Microcystis Blooms
SW Wilhelm, GS Bullerjahn, RML McKay
MBio 11 (3), 10.1128/mbio. 00529-20, 2020
The prochlorophytes: are they more than just chlorophyll a/b-containing cyanobacteria?
GS Bullerjahn, AF Post
Critical reviews in microbiology 19 (1), 43-59, 1993
Seasonal hypoxia and the genetic diversity of prokaryote populations in the central basin hypolimnion of Lake Erie: evidence for abundant cyanobacteria and photosynthesis
SW Wilhelm, GS Bullerjahn, ML Eldridge, JM Rinta-Kanto, L Poorvin, ...
Journal of Great Lakes Research 32 (4), 657-671, 2006
Construction and initial characterization of a luminescent Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 Fe-dependent bioreporter
KA Durham, D Porta, MR Twiss, RML McKay, GS Bullerjahn
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Chlorophyll‐protein composition of the thylakoid membrane from Prochlorothrix hollandica, a prokaryote containing chlorophyll b
European journal of biochemistry 168 (2), 295-300, 1987
Cloning, nucleotide sequence, and mutagenesis of a gene (irpA) involved in iron-deficient growth of the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. strain PCC7942
KJ Reddy, GS Bullerjahn, DM Sherman, LA Sherman
Journal of bacteriology 170 (10), 4466-4476, 1988
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