Tewfik Ziadi
Tewfik Ziadi
Associate Professor (with Habilitation) of Computer Science, Sorbonne Université
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Towards a UML profile for software product lines
T Ziadi, L Hélouët, JM Jézéquel
International Workshop on Software Product-Family Engineering, 129-139, 2003
Robotml, a domain-specific language to design, simulate and deploy robotic applications
S Dhouib, S Kchir, S Stinckwich, T Ziadi, M Ziane
International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for …, 2012
Software product line engineering with the UML: Deriving products
T Ziadi, JM Jézéquel
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Bottom-up adoption of software product lines: a generic and extensible approach
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Feature identification from the source code of product variants
T Ziadi, L Frias, MAA da Silva, M Ziane
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Revisiting statechart synthesis with an algebraic approach
T Ziadi, L Helouet, JM Jézéquel
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A fully dynamic approach to the reverse engineering of UML sequence diagrams
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Automating the extraction of model-based software product lines from model variants (T)
J Martinez, T Ziadi, TF Bissyandé, J Klein, Y Le Traon
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ESPLA: A catalog of Extractive SPL Adoption case studies
J Martinez, WKG Assunção, T Ziadi
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Product line derivation with uml
T Ziadi, JM Jézéquel, F Fondement
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Towards a language-independent approach for reverse-engineering of software product lines
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Manipulation de Lignes de Produits en UML
T Ziadi
Rennes 1, 2004
Automated reverse-engineering of UML v2. 0 dynamic models
YG Guéhéneuc, T Ziadi
proceedings of the 6th ECOOP Workshop on Object-Oriented Reengineering, 2005
Bottom-up technologies for reuse: automated extractive adoption of software product lines
J Martinez, T Ziadi, TF Bissyandé, J Klein, Y Le Traon
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Feature relations graphs: A visualisation paradigm for feature constraints in software product lines
J Martinez, T Ziadi, R Mazo, TF Bissyandé, J Klein, Y Le Traon
2014 Second IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization, 50-59, 2014
The state of adoption and the challenges of systematic variability management in industry
T Berger, JP Steghöfer, T Ziadi, J Robin, J Martinez
Empirical Software Engineering 25 (3), 1755-1797, 2020
Identifying and visualising commonality and variability in model variants
J Martinez, T Ziadi, J Klein, Y Le Traon
European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications, 117-131, 2014
From a uml platform independent component model to platform specific component models
T Ziadi, B Traverson, JM Jézéquel
International workshop in Software Model Engineering (WiSME02) at UML, 2002
Feature location benchmark with argoUML SPL
J Martinez, N Ordoñez, X Tërnava, T Ziadi, J Aponte, E Figueiredo, ...
Proceedings of the 22nd International Systems and Software Product Line …, 2018
Modeling behaviors in product lines
T Ziadi, L Hélouët, JM Jézéquel
Proceedings of REPL'02 (workshop on Requirements Engineering for Product Lines), 2002
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