Alison V Hall
Alison V Hall
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Social exchange theory: A critical review with theoretical remedies
R Cropanzano, EL Anthony, SR Daniels, AV Hall
Academy of management annals 11 (1), 479-516, 2017
Black and blue: Exploring racial bias and law enforcement in the killings of unarmed black male civilians.
AV Hall, EV Hall, JL Perry
American Psychologist 71 (3), 175, 2016
MOSAIC: A model of stereotyping through associated and intersectional categories
EV Hall, AV Hall, AD Galinsky, KW Phillips
Academy of Management Review 44 (3), 643-672, 2019
Gendered influence: A gender role perspective on the use and effectiveness of influence tactics
AN Smith, MB Watkins, MJ Burke, MS Christian, CE Smith, A Hall, ...
Journal of management 39 (5), 1156-1183, 2013
Beyond banning the box: A conceptual model of the stigmatization of ex-offenders in the workplace
JE Baur, AV Hall, SR Daniels, MR Buckley, HJ Anderson
Human Resource Management Review 28 (2), 204-219, 2018
Diversity, discrimination, and persistent inequality: Hope for the future through the solidarity economy movement
MP Bell, J Leopold, D Berry, AV Hall
Journal of Social Issues 74 (2), 224-243, 2018
When and how to respond to microaggressions
EF Washington, AH Birch, LM Roberts
Harvard Business Review, 2020
Research on anti-Black racism in organizations: Insights, ideas, and considerations
DD King, AV Hall, L Johnson, J Carter, D Burrows, N Samuel
Journal of Business and Psychology 38 (1), 145-162, 2023
Is justice colorblind? A review of workplace racioethnic differences through the lens of organizational justice
DR Avery, AV Hall, MK Preston, EN Ruggs, E Washington
Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior 10 …, 2023
Social exchange theory: A critical review with theoretical remedies. Academy of Management Annals, 11, 479-516
R Cropanzano, EL Anthony, SR Daniels, AV Hall
Another look at social exchange: Two dimensions of reciprocity
R Cropanzano, EL Anthony, SR Daniels, AV Hall
Academy of Management Proceedings 2014 (1), 10144, 2014
Entity justice and entity injustice: a review and conceptual extension
R Cropanzano, EL Anthony, SR Daniels, AV Hall
Organizational Justice, 207-243, 2017
An exercise in fire safety: Readying ourselves for the unintended consequences of traditional IO approaches to diversity management
AV Hall
Industrial and Organizational Psychology 9 (3), 598-604, 2016
Amplifying Black excellence in industrial–organizational psychology.
EN Ruggs, AV Hall, HD Traylor, LR Garcia
American Psychologist 78 (4), 613, 2023
Organizational Citizenship and Selection: Does Candidate Gender Matter?
CE Smith, AV Hall, A DeNisi
Academy of Management Proceedings 2014 (1), 15763, 2014
“They Say They Support Diversity Initiatives, But They Don’t Demonstrate It”: The Impact of DEI Paradigms on the Emotional Labor of HR&DEI Professionals
KP Weeks, N Taylor, AV Hall, MP Bell, A Nottingham, L Evans
Journal of Business and Psychology 39 (2), 411-433, 2024
Identity work support perceptions (IWSP): Development of a construct and measure.
EL Jean, N Taylor, WS Crawford, AV Hall, H Vaziri, WJ Casper, ...
Journal of Applied Psychology, 2024
The Pervasiveness and Power of Political Affiliation/Ideology in Organizations
PL Roth, S Sheridan, C Cooper, ME Ezerins, DA Harrison, P Bobko, ...
Proceedings-Academy of Management 2022 (1), 2022
Intersectionality and Emotional Labor for HR Professionals
NL Weaver, AA Grandey, KP Weeks, MP Bell, AV Hall
Academy of Management Proceedings 2022 (1), 15181, 2022
The Role of Stigma-Consciousness in the Demonstration of Allyship Behaviors amongst White Employees
S Smith, AV Hall, A Froidevaux
Dismantling Bias Conference Series 3 (10), 3, 2022
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