Enrique Moguel
Enrique Moguel
PhD in Computer Science, Universidad de Extremadura
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A vision-based approach for building telecare and telerehabilitation services
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Structured Proposal for Rehabilitation Nursing (RN) Care Intervention: Sensitive Gains to RN Care for the Person with Self-care Deficit and in the Surgical Process
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Asistente de voz para el recordatorio de tratamiento farmacológico
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YourPantry: Food Monitoring Through Pantry Analysis Using the Smartphone and Making Use Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques
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FoodScan: Food Monitoring Through Purchase Tickets Analysis Using the Smartphone
E Moguel, J García-Alonso
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Extensible Environment for Monitoring and Detecting Symptoms of Depression
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2019 IEEE SmartWorld, Ubiquitous Intelligence & Computing, Advanced …, 2019
Una arquitectura orientada a servicios y dirigida por eventos para el control inteligente de UAVs multipropósito
JE Moguel Márquez
Una arquitectura orientada a servicios y dirigida por eventos para el control inteligente de UAVs multipropósito
JEM Márquez
Universidad de Extremadura, 2018
Energy-efficient and solar powered mission planning of UAV swarms to reduce the coverage gap in rural areas: The 3D case
J Galán-Jiménez, E Moguel, J García-Alonso, J Berrocal
Ad Hoc Networks, 102517, 2021
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