Anupama Namburu
Anupama Namburu
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Generalised rough intuitionistic fuzzy c‐means for magnetic resonance brain image segmentation
A Namburu, SK Samayamantula, SR Edara
IET Image Processing 11 (9), 777-785, 2017
Soft fuzzy rough set-based MR brain image segmentation
A Namburu, S kumar Samay, SR Edara
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Character segmentation for Telugu image document using multiple histogram projections
N Anupama, C Rupa, ES Reddy
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Comprehensive analysis of embeddings and pre-training in NLP
JK Tripathy, SC Sethuraman, MV Cruz, A Namburu, P Mangalraj, ...
Computer Science Review 42, 100433, 2021
FPGA-based deep learning models for analysing corona using chest X-ray images
A Namburu, D Sumathi, R Raut, RH Jhaveri, RK Dhanaraj, ...
Mobile Information Systems 2022, 1-14, 2022
Forest fire identification in uav imagery using x-mobilenet
A Namburu, P Selvaraj, S Mohan, S Ragavanantham, ET Eldin
Electronics 12 (3), 733, 2023
Skin cancer classification using convolutional capsule network (CapsNet)
SC Satapathy, M Cruz, A Namburu, S Chakkaravarthy, M Pittendreigh
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Product pricing solutions using hybrid machine learning algorithm
A Namburu, P Selvaraj, M Varsha
Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 1-12, 2022
Rough Set based MRI Medical image segmentation using optimized initial centroids
ESR N.Anupama , S.Srinivas Kumar
International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied …, 2013
Review of set theoretic approaches to magnetic resonance brain image segmentation
A Namburu, S Srinivas Kumar, E Srinivasa Reddy
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Texture and gabour wavelet based classification of hysteroscopy images of endometrium
SM Sulaiman, N Anupaman
Int J Eng Sci Comput 7 (5), 12138-12142, 2017
Indus Image Segmentation Using Watershed and Histogram Projections
D Talari, A Namburu
Int. Robot. Autom. J 3 (1), 1-4, 2017
Hybrid Dehazing Technique using IDCP with Histogram Equalization for Color Image
NS Anupama, L Tyagi
Article in International Journal of Computer Applications International …, 2017
An automatic crop yield prediction framework designed with two-stage classifiers: a meta-heuristic approach
VRR Kolipaka, A Namburu
Multimedia Tools and Applications, 1-24, 2023
Precise segmentation of fetal head in ultrasound images using improved U‐Net model
V Nagabotu, A Namburu
ETRI Journal, 2023
Analysis of COVID-19 pandemic-Origin, global impact and Indian therapeutic solutions for infectious diseases
SC Satapathy, M Cruz, A Namburu, B Kumar Raju Alluri, ...
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge (IJTK) 19, S 103-S 117, 2021
Single valued triangular neutrosophic fuzzy c-means for Mr. Brain image segmentation
A Namburu, MV Cruz, H Seetha
Recent Advances in Computer Based Systems, Processes and Applications, 81-88, 2020
K-Fold Validation of Multi Models for Crop Yield Prediction with Improved Sparse Data Clustering Process
VRR Kolipaka, A Namburu
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering …, 2023
Skin Cancer Segmentation Based on Triangular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
A Namburu, S Mohan, S Chakkaravarthy, P Selvaraj
SN Computer Science 4 (3), 228, 2023
Prediction of Ectopic Pregnancy in Women Using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques
V Nagabotu, A Namburu
International Conference on Communication and Intelligent Systems, 323-342, 2022
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